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I know I'm always talking about beauty products and tools on here so I thought in today's blog post I'd talk about something a little different which is beauty treatments. In this post I'm going to be talking about three beauty treatments that I'm very tempted to try for the first time at some point this year and why I want to try them.

The first treatment I want to try is Semi Permanent Make Up which seems to be all the rage right now, particularly for brides-to-be and their bridesmaids. This is because it means if you cry on your wedding day (which I'm sure most people will do) or if you're heading abroad and to a hot country for your wedding or honeymoon then you don't have to worry about your mascara or foundation running or melting away. The idea is for the semi permanent makeup to enhance your natural beauty whilst giving you a flawless finish. You can also opt for a more glamorous and bolder look if preferred too. Semi permanent makeup aims to help to define eyes, lips and also enhance your eyes by using very fine and natural strokes with hypo-allergenic pigments. Another few pros about this is that you don't have to worry about touching up your makeup throughout the day or have to deal with the big bridal rush on the morning of your wedding either. 

However the reason why I personally would like try out semi permanent makeup is because I'm going to be attending a wedding myself in a few months time and yes, I'm one of those people who cries at every wedding I go to. I also want to try out semi permanent makeup because it would make my life a little easier. As most of you probably already know, I have chronic back and pelvic pain and on days when my pain is really flaring I sometimes get the shakes in my hands because the pain has got that bad, which as you can imagine is tricky when I'm trying to do things such as applying makeup. So I just feel like it's one less thing to worry about and then if I do feel unwell on the actual day of the wedding then I can focus on making myself feel better and ready for the day ahead and also know that my mascara isn't going to be running down my face 20 minutes in either. So it's kind of a win-win.

If you do happen to want to try Semi Permanent Makeup then it's best if you get it done at a professional and trust-worthy clinic like GgBrows which is based in Surrey/Kent border with a direct line from London Bridge and Victoria and is the UK's leading Ombre Artist and SPMU (Semi Permanent Makeup) Training Academy. GgBrows specialise in Ombre Eyebrows and the Ombre Brow is where there is a soft diluted colour at the front of the brows at around 20% gradient which goes through to an 80% gradient in the arch and tail which then gives a soft, fluffy finish behind the natural hairs and it can last for up to three years as it is a cosmetic tattoo (if aftercare is carried out correctly). It is applied using a needle to place pigmented granules beneath the upper layers of the skin and this gives you the pigment or the "makeup" effect you want. 

If you're already in the beauty industry then you could apply to GgBrows Beginner Semi Permanent Makeup Course which includes a generous sized kit and the most innovative machine on the market right now. Did you know that a Semi Permanent Makeup Artist who is trained to the highest standard can earn up to £100k+ in their first year? So if you're thinking about learning another treatment then the training course is definitely worth the investment. GgBrows students are always taught in small classes of no more than two students at one time and they are 100% focused on their students success. The training is spread over a two month period on average and you also learn about marketing too as Georgie (Director of GgBrows) creates a marketing plan with each student so then after the course is complete each student knows how to brand themselves, manage their social media accounts and have at least a six month promotional strategy plan on how they are going to get business and fill up their appointment book. They also offer ongoing support too!

You can also visit GgCosmetics for non-surgical procedures where they specialise in Dermal Fillers. This includes lips, smile and marionette lines, nasolabial folds, deep frown/forehead lines and acne scars. On average the results should last between 6-9 months. They have two injectors who have both been through years of advanced training. Georgie is a cosmetic injector with over 8 years experience in the aesthetic industry and Nurse Rachel has been specialising in the aesthetic industry for several years and has done several advanced training courses to perfect her knowledge and also her techniques. So you're definitely in safe hands with them! Both work with a wide range of products and are able to tailor procedures to each individual client's needs. If you are already in the advanced beauty industry or planning to start training then you find SPMU machines and other products you will need at Cosmedics-Supplies where they also offer free UK delivery on orders.

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Something which I've been debating on having for a while now is a LVL Lash Lift because as I've said before on my blog I have such rubbish eyelashes. They are short, straight and even if I've curled them or use a special curling mascara they just flop within about 20 minutes. I have been using growth serum mascaras a lot lately which has definitely improved both the length and the strength of my lashes but I keep forgetting to apply it at night before I go to sleep. Whenever I see someone who has recently had had a LVL Lash Lift I'm immediately envious of how lovely their lashes look. The procedure is pretty quick (around 40 minuntes) and is supposed to be painless as it just involves the use of a serum to straighten your natural lash which makes them look curled up and then your lashes are tinted which creates the appearance of mascara. It lasts between 6-8 weeks so it lasts a good amount of time and can cost between £25-£45 depending where you go.

The third treatment I wouldn't mind trying is microdermabrasion which is effectively a facial in which fine crystals and a vacuum are used to remove dead skin cells on the face which should leave your face looking refreshed and glowy. It can help to reduce minor skin blemishes and fine lines too. I have used the PMD Microderm before which is basically an at-home microdermabrasion system which works well and I still use it here and there but I wouldn't mind having it done at a salon to see and feel the difference of having it done professionally.

What beauty treatments do you want to try?

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