Stained Glass Window Ideas for Modern Homes *

-*This post is in collaboration with The Stained Glass Window Company-
Stained glass windows date back thousands of years and are typically only associated with churches and other religious buildings. However, many contemporary artists have beautifully demonstrated how they can also be used in homes, both traditional and modern. In fact, the juxtaposition of historical stained glass and more avant-garde design elements is a fantastic way to add something unique to your home.

Even if your house is fairly small, stained glass windows will still look great. You could have one incorporated into panels in your front door so that the light shines through the brightly coloured glass and gives the illusion of a spacious entrance area. As long as you’re a little creative with the design, you’re sure to add a modern feature to you property. In other words, a geometric pattern might be trendier and more unique than traditional flowers and leaves. 

Stained glass doesn’t have to be limited to your hallway; there are lots of places you can have it that are equally as stunning, and often quite quirky. For example, you could replace the frosted glass in your window for something a little more colourful. As well as adding an undeniably beautiful element to your home, stained glass windows are often used for practical reasons. Perhaps you have an ugly view that you’d like to conceal, or maybe you want to increase privacy. Either way, a stained glass window will do the trick.

If you’re feeling inspired to give your home a little revamp and unsure where to start, a stained glass window might be just what you need. The best thing about it is that you can make some design suggestions and infuse your personality into it. The finished result is sure to add spectacular quality to your home that might otherwise feel quite featureless.

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