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The Aesthetic Role of Fencing in Landscape Design

Fencing, often regarded as a practical element designed for privacy or security, plays a far more significant role in landscape design than simply delineating the boundaries of a property. It is an impactful cornerstone of aesthetics, offering opportunities to enhance the overall visual appeal of the outdoors. 

The right choice of materials, style, and placement can transform a simple fence into a stunning feature, harmonizing with the landscape's natural beauty and the adjacent structures' architectural style. 

In this article, we'll discuss the aesthetic role of fencing in landscape design, highlighting its potential to create stunning visual narratives and inviting outdoor spaces. 

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I thought I would put together some gift ideas for anyone who might be stuck on what to add to your Christmas wishlist this year. I'm also putting together a Christmas gift guide which will include some main gifts and stocking filler ideas along with some mini reviews as well. The gifts that I’ve included in this post are mostly things that I’ve come across that I think would make lovely gifts as well as a few things that are on my own Christmas wishlist. 

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The ABCs of Gutter Installation: A Beginner's Guide

Gutter installation may seem daunting for a beginner, but with the right tools, a little patience, and a step-by-step guide, it can certainly be manageable. This guide is designed to arm you with the basic knowledge you need to understand the process of gutter installation. 

You’ll learn about the different types of gutters, their components, the tools you’ll need, and the general steps involved in installing a gutter system. 

Whether you're a novice homeowner wanting to take on a new DIY project or you're simply curious about the process, this guide aims to provide you with the ABCs of gutter installation. 

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Whether your guest bedroom spends most of the time doubling up as a work-from-home space, or you are inundated with guests making sure it looks great, and being ready to put people up when needed is vital. The good news is you can read all about how to overhaul your guest bedroom in the most effective way below. 

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Much home renovation and interior design advice rests on improving or maximizing the use of natural light. It’s not hard to see why, as the more light you can allow into your home, the more beautiful, vibrant, radiant, open, airy, and inviting it looks. That’s not to say you should have direct sunlight pouring into the room without any use of shade or ambience, but manipulating this light to your advantage is often the healthiest step forward.
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Changing up the rooms in your house for each season is an easy way to refresh your home and really embrace the season you’re currently in, it can be as simple as adding a new mirror, faux plants, or putting down a cosy rug, changing up the lighting and more. At the moment the majority of my house is looking nice and spring-ready, with the exception of the bathroom we’re currently redecorating (again lol). The last room to be revamped is my bedroom and in today’s post, I’m going to be talking about how I’m planning on changing things up in the coming weeks. 

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Interior designers are highlighting the various perks of having Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring to replace the consideration of real hardwood or stone flooring designs. Whilst a majority of people may be aware of some benefits that vinyl has over its real-life counterparts, many may not be fully aware of the overall benefits that it offers. Here is a short breakdown of some of the outstanding qualities that make Luvanto a firm favourite within home improvement.

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Initially used in art galleries, gallery rail systems are currently affordable and accessible in offices and homes. These systems comprise a discreet track rail featuring hooks and hanging wires. 

Rails can be wall or ceiling mounted, and once installed, you can alter and rearrange your artwork without the need for special tools. 

You can enjoy discreet pictures hanging with a gallery rail system if you’re looking to make a decorative difference to your living space. 

Here’s a look at why you need these systems for displays.

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When we shop for vinyl flooring, we want satisfaction above anything else. Every brand out there proposes that theirs is miles ahead of the others, so which do we take as gospel? With advances in technologies to further perfect flooring options, Quickstep luxury vinyl has taken a strong position as the highest recommended flooring by interior design experts and industry journalists alike.

If Vinyl flooring throughout your home is among your top choices for interior design, you look first to the market leader to give a view as to why it is such a good item to have. Here are some of the high points people love about Quick-Step.

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How to Get More Use Out of Your Back Garden in 2021

For many homeowners, a huge bonus is having a private back garden in which they can enjoy their own piece of nature. Having that space to retreat to for a quiet afternoon, entertaining friends, or just playing with the kids can be a lovely feature of the home. But for many, their back garden goes underused, not living up to its full potential. If you find you don’t venture out into the back garden very often, it’s time to take a closer look and figure out ways to improve it so that you can get more use out of it. To help spark some inspiration, here’s a look at a few improvements you can make in 2021.

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Home renovations are all subject to budget. But even if you’re opting for budget-friendly changes, why shouldn’t you be able to achieve your dream aesthetic without feeling bankrupt after?

If you’re looking to make changes which help you keep within budget, then the good news is that there are plenty of interior design options around which will help you. Initially, you may be dreaming of a luxurious new living room or state of the art kitchen – then you remember the price tag. Don’t fret because Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring can help cut the cost dramatically, leaving you with extra cash to purchase your new dream cooker or sofa.

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Because most of us have been stuck in our homes for months on end due to COVID-19, it's safe to say, we're all probably feeling a bit bored of looking at the same four walls and want to give certain areas in our homes a nice refresh. We've definitely got some areas in the house that we want/need to change up so in this post I'm going to be talking about what we want to change before the end of the year, or ideally within the next couple of months.
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I thought I'd share with you an updated home wishlist because I really enjoy doing these kinds of posts because I'm always online window shopping. I thought I'd also pop in a few small home improvements we're planning on doing soon into this post too, just to change it up a little. So I hope you enjoy reading this post and I hope it gives you some inspiration if you're planning on buying some new decor or doing some home improvements soon!
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Although it's not been long since I "revamped" my bedroom a little by painting it a warm teal colour after many years of it being a dark purple colour and also changing up my gallery wall, I'm now thinking of other ways I want to change my bedroom which I'm planning on doing later in the year. So in this post, I'm talking about the three main things I'm planning on changing in my room and why. 

First up on my list is buying a new bed. I definitely need a new bed because I feel like my current bed isn't working well for my chronic pain and it's also a little bit dated and doesn't really suit my bedroom. Obviously, you really need to think about what your priorities are before buying a new bed. Do you need storage space? What kind of mattress do you think would work for you? What size do you want or need? What colour do you go for? and things like that. If like me, you're planning on buying a new bed soon then have put together an infographic which I have put at the end of this post to help give you ideas of things you need to consider before purchasing your ideal dream bed.

I'm currently thinking about getting a White Leather Divan Bed with drawer storage because my current bed is a divan and I love it because it has 4 big drawers and I've got so much storage space which I definitely need because although my bedroom isn't exactly small, it's an awkward shape so it makes it hard in terms of where I can and can't put furniture and things like that. I also think the white leather will look nice against my feature wall and it would just blend nicely into my room.

Something else that I wasn't actually too bothered about until literally the other day is buying some new furniture for my bedroom. There's nothing particularly wrong with the furniture I have but I just happened to be looking for a new bedside table online because mine is looking a bit worse for wear on the top because of scratches, heat marks from hot drinks when I haven't used a coaster (oops!) and etc and I stumbled across a bedroom furniture set which I really like the look of and I think it would look better than the oak-effect ones I currently have. It's kind of got a mid-century look about it which I'm loving right now too. 

I'm also thinking about having herringbone wood flooring in my bedroom because I just think it looks really nice and it really adds something to a room and gives it that cosy vibe. I currently have laminate flooring which is fine but I'm not super keen on the colour (I never really have been since it went down to be honest!) and I just think if I'm going to change my flooring and go through the rigmarole of it all then I might as well change it to something I really like and want.

Are you planning on doing any updates to rooms in your house this year? 
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We're planning on revamping our kitchen in the Spring which I'm really excited about. We were planning on doing it before Christmas but then we decided it would be a lot of work, stress and mess to deal with just before Christmas so we scrapped that idea. So ever since we decided that we're going to revamp the kitchen I've obviously been browsing away looking at all kitchen-related things. We haven't got a massive budget to do it up with but there are definitely some things on my "dream kitchen wishlist" that we could get (and yes, I do have a bookmark full of things I'd love in my dream kitchen). So I thought I'd share with you what my ideal kitchen would look like in the space we have available.

I really think that the design of a kitchen worktop can really make or break a kitchen. I think it's because it covers such a big, main area of the kitchen and it's something you're looking at all of the time when you're in the room even if you don't realise it. I really like the look of quartz worktops just because they can add some dazzle and glitz and you can really make a feature of them too. I've been looking at the Calacatta Gold Supreme and White Sparkle quartz worktops from Stone Synergy. They're quite different to each other but they are both quite bold and I think that's what I like about them. You can also find a wide range of worktops including quartz ones at HCsupplies too.

Credit: tapwarehouse
I really love Belfast sinks and I think they can kind of give a house that cosy farmhouse vibe too. In an ideal world, I'd love if we could install one of them in our kitchen along with a gold traditional kitchen mixer tap but I'm actually not sure if we can because the area where our current sink is, is quite compact. So I don't know if a Belfast sink would look right or even fit properly, to be honest (it's time to get the measuring tape out I think!).

I'd also love to paint our kitchen as right now it's kind of a pastel olive green colour, which is nice and it goes with our wooden kitchen cabinets but it's just not what I'd have chosen if the choice was down to me. I'd love our kitchen walls to be a warm, neutral grey because it's a colour that just kind of goes with everything and if we do we end up having Quartz worktops then it would blend all in nicely.

Credit: Studio Mcgee
We currently have black tiles around the sink area and I don't even know why but they are definitely going when we revamp the kitchen because they just don't look right. I'm kind of torn about what I think would look nice but I really like basic brick block kind of tiles (like in the photo above) but I also really like really bold, colourful Moroccan-looking patterned tiles too. I think it would depend on the rest of the choices for the kitchen because obviously, you don't want things to clash. 

Lastly is some sort of hidden but useful storage system, just because we have a kind of awkward, small kitchen which is split into two parts. We've got the main kitchen area where the sink, kettle and toaster etc are and then the utility area which has things like the microwave, blender, toastie maker (basically the appliances we don't use daily) as well as the washing machine and tumble dryer. I've seen "cupboards" which actually pull out and have a chopping board on the top and then storage or a bin underneath, so something along those lines would be great.

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I've currently got a bit of a homeware browsing bug and I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. Since I painted my room before Christmas, I've bought some new bits and pieces for both my bedroom and around the house and I've also been scrolling through a lot of websites eyeing up homeware I really like the look of. However, January is a very quiet month in terms of blog work and I also have had a couple of unexpected things to payout since the beginning of the month (ugh) so it's safe to say my bank balance is looking pretty sad right now. So I thought I'd just do a homeware and home revamp wishlist of things I really like the look of right now and also talk about a few things that I want to revamp in the house.

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Last year I put a gallery wall up in my room and it honestly completely changed my room for the better and just kind of knitted everything together if that makes sense. I was kind of mad at myself for not putting anything up on the brick feature wall for a few years because I felt like I'd been missing out. I also feel like it was an easy way to add not only a pop of colour into my room but also show my personality and what I like. As much as I love my gallery wall and the prints I picked up last year, I thought it was about time to just change it up a little for the new season and give it a little refresh. Desenio kindly gifted me a voucher* to pick up some new prints, so in this post I'm going to be showing you my revamped gallery wall as well as talking about why I picked the prints.

I've kept all of the same frames from my last Desenio order because I really like them and I've had no issues with them that have made me want to change them. I also like that they are lightweight so it makes it easier to put them up. I did pick up two of the small frames (13x18) in Black and one medium frame (21x30) in Black because I'm thinking I may have switch to an all black framed gallery wall at some point in the future but I'm still happy with my copper and black frame mixture at the moment. 

So from the left to the right (going down and across) I picked up the Scrabble Love print in 13x18 which I just think is a cute little print. It's simple and sweet and I didn't want too many bold prints in the smaller frames because I know I'd already put quite a few bolder larger prints in my cart. Next is the Frida Floral print (21x30) which I absolutely love. it's bold, it's pretty and I think once I finally get around to painting my bedroom walls with a warm teal colour, it's going to blend in really well. However my mum did say she thought it was "Boy George back in the day" when she first saw it (I honestly don't know where her head is at haha!). It's definitely one of my faves that I picked up in this order. At the bottom is the & Poster (13x18) which I bought just to break up the wall a little and I think it works really well. It's simple but it still quite a statement print.

Then back up to the top I chose the Go Your Own Way (21x30) print which is obviously a nod to the Fleetwood Mac song and I was basically brought up listening to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and they were also my mum and dad's band back in the day as they were about when they first got together. I'm also a fan of Fleetwood Mac and I think the print works well with the bold coloured prints either side. I decided to keep my Girl Power (13x18) print from last year up because I just think it's a nice little motivational print and I think it looks nice in my photos when I use my gallery wall as a background for my blog and insta photos. At the bottom of is the Pink Paris Perfume (13x18) which I think just adds a girly pop of colour to the wall and I've also got another Chanel perfume bottle print in my room on my bookcase so it kind of ties them both together. 

If you read my Desenio blog post last year then you would've seen that I chose a print called "Memphis" which is kind of similar to my new 80's (30x40) poster. I just love the kind of abstract design and the bright colours. I definitely think it's the feature point of the whole gallery wall right now. Next is the La Lune (21x30) which I got because I just needed something relating to the moon on my wall basically. I love anything like that from stars, moons etc but I chose the La Lune print in particular because I like that it's in black and white and it's kind of a nice contrast against the bright colours of the other prints and it's similar to my last moon print that was up previously. The Inhale The Future (13x18) print is kind of a reminder to breathe deeply when I'm feeling anxious as I find that it helps me a lot. So I just thought it'd be a handy little reminder to have on the wall. Lastly is the Be Kind Pink (21x30) which I love. I just think it's cute and I like how the "Be Kind" fades out the further it goes down the print.

If you're interested in any of the prints above or planning on checking out Desenio in general then my code "ASTOLDBYKIRSTY25" gives 25% off prints* on all Desenio sites until midnight 3rd October (UK time). Follow @desenio for more inspiration! 

*Except for frames and handpicked/personalised prints.

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You may have noticed that I've been talking more about home and interiors on my blog this year. I don't know if it's my age, now that I'm 25 or if it's something which I'm just really enjoying in general but I'm a bit obsessed to be honest. So I thought I'd do a blog post about interior design and home decor trends I've been loving and taking inspiration from this year. 

60's/70's Vibes
I'm really into 60's/70's interior design right now. I admit I wouldn't go all out and have my house completely decked out with furniture and wallpaper from those eras but I do like the idea of injecting bits and pieces into your home. Whether it's a snazzy over the top wallpaper design, a retro looking chair, clashing some bold colours or adding a huge bookcase or a long teak sideboard with legs that look like it can barely hold it up. There's just something about the 60's/70's I love and I've literally felt that way since I was younger.

Making Features 
Something else which I'm liking this year and have even incorporated into our house already is making features out of things in your home that otherwise get overlooked. From turning an old unusable 1940's fireplace into a vanity area, upgrading your curtains by adding some bold curtain hooks, picking up some snazzy wall hooks to hang your coats and jackets on in a small hallway or making a feature out of your otherwise plain radiators by adding custom coloured, bold graphite or chrome radiators which you can buy from Trade Radiators. Making features and changing small things often makes a big difference.

Image Source
Plants Everywhere
I basically want to turn my house into a greenhouse haha. I love homes which have plants everywhere. But because we have two cats I'm always worried about making them sick because a lot of houseplants are toxic to both cats and dogs and can even be fatal. I do have some cacti and succulents (Echeverias) in the bathroom window where the cats don't go and I'm also thinking about an Aloe Vera plant for my room (which are toxic btw) but I'm planning on putting a shelf up on my wall quite high up and making a feature out of it with a large print behind the plant and adding a few books and too. ~Fingers crossed the cats won't bother with it~

Industrial Interiors
I also really like industrial interior styles too. From metal stairs, big windows, oversized lights in the kitchen and more. I also like the mixture of rustic wooden tables and bookcases made from metal with wooden shelves. I think it looks bold and eye catching but you can make it look softer and cosier by adding some books, plants, string lights etc.

Mustard Everything
Mustard seem to be everywhere this year and I am here for it. We've recently revamped the living room by adding a floral mustard yellow feature wall above the fireplace and we've also added some warm yellow cushions in a few different designs to add some texture too. In addition to that I've recently picked up a cosy mustard fleece blanket for the colder months to snuggle up in with a hot drink and a book. I'm so ready for Autumn and Winter now, can you tell?

Freestanding Mirrors
I also love the look of huge freestanding mirrors against the wall but unfortunately I have two cats and they're both mischief makers so I can guarantee a freestanding mirror wouldn't last that long in our house. However I think they just look so great and if you have a large room and you have a lot of space and don't know what to do with it then I could see how filling the space with a massive mirror would work well.

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LED Pendant Lights For Offices 

Our house is a good size for us and the cats but I'd love my own room or area which can be my designated work space area. I do have a little desk set up in my bedroom but it's very small and I tend to opt for my soft office instead (aka my bed) rather than sitting at the desk because let's face it, having the choice of sitting in or on my bed to sitting on an office chair is a no brainer. I'll always choose my bed. Also with my chronic pain, my bed does tend to be the most comfortable place to sit when I'm working away on my laptop but sometimes sitting on my office chair helps with my back pain depending on how bad it is. I feel like an office chair can help with my posture sometimes too.

We have been toying with the idea of getting a conservatory for a while now because in our garden we have kind of have a large patio area with which is the width of the house and then the side area where we have a gate to the driveway. Then there's steps down into the rest of the garden where the greenhouse, pond and shed all reside. So the area at the top which hasn't got much going on apart from some table and chairs is literally perfect for a wide conservatory which I'd probably turn into my little office area and blog photo taking area. Even if I set it up in the corner of the conservatory I would still make it my own and make it all cosy with fairy lights, many plants (preferably ones that are easy to keep alive lol), candles and maybe a nice comfortable chair and a rustic looking bookcase too.

I think that we will opt for a white conservatory when we do get around to getting one as it would go with the rest of our house as our windows are white and we're mostly interested in either a Lean To or Edwardian style one. Also if and when we do decide to get one I'll definitely do a blog post all about how I style it and make it look all cosy, so keep a look out for that!

In the meantime I've already been planning on what I'd love to have in the currently non-existent conservatory to show off my personality but also to make it a perfect working place. So I thought I'd do a mini wishlist in this post to show some of the things I've been having a look at.

Argos Home High Level Desk in Oak Effect - £70 / Light Supplier Rosa Copper Industrial Style Pendant Light - from £106.33 / New Look Gold Frame Peg Board - £9.99 / Sass and Belle Scandi Boho Geo Rug - £25

How nice is the High Level Desk in Oak Effect from Argos? I can't believe it's only £70 too! It definitely fits the aesthetic I would be going for in my ideal cosy office space and I like that I could fill the shelf above the desk with unnecessary clutter like I always do and maybe wrap some cute string lights around it too or something.

I have been looking at LED Pendant Lights For Offices because I think they look kind of like a statement piece without going overboard but I feel like they can really make a room just "go" together depending on the style you choose. I really like the look of the Rosa Copper Industrial Style Pendant Light because I really like industrial styled offices with a slight feminine modern touch and I feel like the copper would compliment the desk quite well. 

I love cute little peg boards to put photos and motivational postcards and things like that on. So I think an office space would be a perfect place to hang a peg board to cheer me on when I'm busy working. 
I've also been looking on Sass & Belle for home ware a lot recently and came across the gorgeous Boho Geo print rug and I think it's so nice. It'd also give the room/space a little pop of colour with the yellow tassels too.

Argos Walker Office Chair in Black - £80 / Sass & Belle Rattan Mirror - £25 / New Look Brown Leopard Beaded Box - £8.99 / Matalan Cheese Plant in Pot - £25

I know the office chair from Argos looks a bit old fashioned but I must admit after buying two office chairs in the past year because they look nice and not thinking about the comfort they provide, I definitely think that you can't go wrong with old-fashioned office chairs that look like they've come from the 90's. They seem to be more comfortable and have more support for your back - which I definitely need!

Another thing I've come across from Sass & Belle is the gorgeous rattan mirror in the large size (it is available in medium too). I kind of want to buy it for my room for when I paint it teal but I've literally just bought a new mirror less than a month ago and I don't want to be overrun with mirrors! But we'll see if I cave and just buy it anyway...

The New Look Brown Leopard Beaded Box is a perfect example of clutter I tend to have on my desk or on my bookcase. Do I need it? No. Will I even use it? Probably not. But it's still cute and I love the idea of adding some wooden items to the industrial kind of aesthetic to make it look more homely and cosy. 

Lastly is an artificial plant from Matalan which I'm a bit obsessed with. I am planning on going Matalan soon so if I see the Cheese Plant in my local store then it's coming home with me! I don't really have any space for it right now but still... it's only £25 and I can't kill it either so I think it's a must have.


Do you have any plans to add on, revamp or restore any part of your home? If I could afford it in the future I'd love to buy a pretty run down house for a cheap price and restore it to all it's glory. It's actually something I've wanted to do since I was a lot younger.

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It’s easy to ignore things you can’t see. However, if you don’t protect the foundations of your home, you could end up with some serious structural issues including leaks, cracks and subsidence. These are costly and inconvenient to repair. Below are some tips from a foundation solutions company to help you understand how to protect the foundations of your home from any future damage. 

Firstly, be sure to assess the boundaries of your home regularly and check that the ground slopes away from the property. This will ensure that any water on the ground will flow away from your home as opposed to pooling around it. Too much or too little water can change the consistency of the soil beneath, which can cause the foundations of a building to shift. 

With that in mind, sufficient drainage is important. Every now and again it’s worth clearing away any dirt and debris that has gathered in your drains or gutters to prevent blockages. After all, it’s important that water is properly flowing through them and therefore routed away from your building. When clearing your drains, check them for damage so that they can be repaired as soon as possible. If you're looking for gutter cleaning services then you could check out Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Buffalo.

In the summer months when the weather becomes hotter, you should try to keep the land around your home moist. This will prevent the soil from drying up and shrinking which, as mentioned above, will lead to movement in your foundations. If this happens, you will likely see some cracks in the walls of your home, as well as your paving. Use a hose or sprinkler system to maintain the moisture in the ground and avoid planting trees too close to the building.