Helping A Loved One Overcome Abuse *

-This post is in collaboration with CICA UK, all opinions are my own-

Sexual Abuse Compensation

Any sort of abuse is horrible to see or hear about, whether it's on TV on the news, on a TV show or whether it's right in front of you and it's happened to a friend or family member. It shouldn't happen at all but unfortunately it still does. Obviously if it has happened to someone you love and care about then it not only affects the victim but it also affects the people around them too. In this post I'm going to be talking about ways you can help a loved one to overcome sexual abuse and how to be there for them in the right way. 

Be there to talk at any hour of the day - 
I'm starting off with a pretty simple one which is to just be there for your loved one no matter what time or day it is. Even if that means having them stay at your house or you stay at their house so they know that you're 100% there for them and that they have your complete support. Also sitting down and listening to their side of the story about what took place, although hard, will also help them to accept what has happened and help them to move past the trauma in time to come too. Another thing you should do is to let them express their many emotions and get it out in the open, so the emotions don't build up inside.

Talk to your loved one about considering claiming sexual abuse compensation -
Although it's not going to change the fact that the sexual abuse happened you should talk to the victim about considering claiming Sexual Abuse Compensation when the time is right. CICA UK are experienced sexual abuse compensation solicitors and they work on a no win no fee basis. However they do have a claim limit of either 2 years after the incident took place or 2 years after it has been reported to the police. But they do have special exceptions such as if you were unable to report it at the time due to your safety. The compensation can be put towards recovering any financial loss, to pay for therapy and/or counselling and anything else the victim feels will help them in life.

Help out with their day-to-day life -
Simple daily things may be quite scary and overwhelming to someone who has experienced abuse. Some people completely shut down for a while because of the initial shock. So just being there for your loved one in their day-to-day life will help them loads. Whether this means just helping out around the house with any house work, looking after their children if they have any, food shopping and etc. 

Get Helpline/Support Group advice -
You could also talk to your loved one about potentially talking to a helpline who deals with people who have been abused and are experienced in giving out helpful advice. There are also support groups for people who have experienced different abuse too. But it's up to the victim if they feel it will help them so don't pressurise them as again, it may be really overwhelming and upsetting for them.

Trust -
Lastly is just letting your loved one know that they can trust you no matter what. Trust is a big thing in life for all of us anyway but when it comes to someone being abused/assaulted it means a lot more as their trust will be at an all time low and they will need help in gaining trust in people again.

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