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Our house is a good size for us and the cats but I'd love my own room or area which can be my designated work space area. I do have a little desk set up in my bedroom but it's very small and I tend to opt for my soft office instead (aka my bed) rather than sitting at the desk because let's face it, having the choice of sitting in or on my bed to sitting on an office chair is a no brainer. I'll always choose my bed. Also with my chronic pain, my bed does tend to be the most comfortable place to sit when I'm working away on my laptop but sometimes sitting on my office chair helps with my back pain depending on how bad it is. I feel like an office chair can help with my posture sometimes too.

We have been toying with the idea of getting a conservatory for a while now because in our garden we have kind of have a large patio area with which is the width of the house and then the side area where we have a gate to the driveway. Then there's steps down into the rest of the garden where the greenhouse, pond and shed all reside. So the area at the top which hasn't got much going on apart from some table and chairs is literally perfect for a wide conservatory which I'd probably turn into my little office area and blog photo taking area. Even if I set it up in the corner of the conservatory I would still make it my own and make it all cosy with fairy lights, many plants (preferably ones that are easy to keep alive lol), candles and maybe a nice comfortable chair and a rustic looking bookcase too.

I think that we will opt for a white conservatory when we do get around to getting one as it would go with the rest of our house as our windows are white and we're mostly interested in either a Lean To or Edwardian style one. Also if and when we do decide to get one I'll definitely do a blog post all about how I style it and make it look all cosy, so keep a look out for that!

In the meantime I've already been planning on what I'd love to have in the currently non-existent conservatory to show off my personality but also to make it a perfect working place. So I thought I'd do a mini wishlist in this post to show some of the things I've been having a look at.

Argos Home High Level Desk in Oak Effect - £70 / Light Supplier Rosa Copper Industrial Style Pendant Light - from £106.33 / New Look Gold Frame Peg Board - £9.99 / Sass and Belle Scandi Boho Geo Rug - £25

How nice is the High Level Desk in Oak Effect from Argos? I can't believe it's only £70 too! It definitely fits the aesthetic I would be going for in my ideal cosy office space and I like that I could fill the shelf above the desk with unnecessary clutter like I always do and maybe wrap some cute string lights around it too or something.

I have been looking at LED Pendant Lights For Offices because I think they look kind of like a statement piece without going overboard but I feel like they can really make a room just "go" together depending on the style you choose. I really like the look of the Rosa Copper Industrial Style Pendant Light because I really like industrial styled offices with a slight feminine modern touch and I feel like the copper would compliment the desk quite well. 

I love cute little peg boards to put photos and motivational postcards and things like that on. So I think an office space would be a perfect place to hang a peg board to cheer me on when I'm busy working. 
I've also been looking on Sass & Belle for home ware a lot recently and came across the gorgeous Boho Geo print rug and I think it's so nice. It'd also give the room/space a little pop of colour with the yellow tassels too.

Argos Walker Office Chair in Black - £80 / Sass & Belle Rattan Mirror - £25 / New Look Brown Leopard Beaded Box - £8.99 / Matalan Cheese Plant in Pot - £25

I know the office chair from Argos looks a bit old fashioned but I must admit after buying two office chairs in the past year because they look nice and not thinking about the comfort they provide, I definitely think that you can't go wrong with old-fashioned office chairs that look like they've come from the 90's. They seem to be more comfortable and have more support for your back - which I definitely need!

Another thing I've come across from Sass & Belle is the gorgeous rattan mirror in the large size (it is available in medium too). I kind of want to buy it for my room for when I paint it teal but I've literally just bought a new mirror less than a month ago and I don't want to be overrun with mirrors! But we'll see if I cave and just buy it anyway...

The New Look Brown Leopard Beaded Box is a perfect example of clutter I tend to have on my desk or on my bookcase. Do I need it? No. Will I even use it? Probably not. But it's still cute and I love the idea of adding some wooden items to the industrial kind of aesthetic to make it look more homely and cosy. 

Lastly is an artificial plant from Matalan which I'm a bit obsessed with. I am planning on going Matalan soon so if I see the Cheese Plant in my local store then it's coming home with me! I don't really have any space for it right now but still... it's only £25 and I can't kill it either so I think it's a must have.


Do you have any plans to add on, revamp or restore any part of your home? If I could afford it in the future I'd love to buy a pretty run down house for a cheap price and restore it to all it's glory. It's actually something I've wanted to do since I was a lot younger.

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  1. How exciting! I'm actually in the process of decluttering our spare room and decorating it as my office! I'm going for a white, pink and wood kind of vibe.

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