My Thoughts On Lee Stafford's New Keep It Clean Range

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I've talked about Lee Stafford hair products quite a lot over the past few years on my blog as a lot of the products from the various ranges seem to work well for my hair and my budget. I recently got a chance to try the new "Keep It Clean" range* which is all about purifying and keeping your hair fresh and clean without weighing your hair down (so it's great if you have a fine hair!). It's Pink Clay infused which acts as a magnet to oil, dirt and product residue. The range also smells bloody gorgeous, I'll even go as far as to say it's my new fave scent from the many Lee Stafford ranges. I find that Lee Stafford products tend to be either fruity or tropical scented (excluding ChocoLocks obviously) but this range has more of a clean, fresh floral scent, I'm not actually sure what the scent is as it doesn't say it anywhere on the packaging but it's really nice. I definitely recommend giving it a sniff if you see it in your local Boots haha.

First I'm obviously going to talk about the Purifying Shampoo RRP £7.49* which is described as a Pink Clay infused shampoo which gets right to the root of the problem for cleaner, fresher and more balanced hair. I do like the shampoo, however I have found that I have to use quite a few pumps to get a good lather going on. I've been getting through the shampoo quicker than the conditioner, which very rarely happens! But it is a nice shampoo and I do feel like it's been helping my hair to not get as greasy at the roots like it normally does and I've found I don't need to use as much dry shampoo when my hair does start looking a bit greasy. So I do think that the Pink Clay aspect of it works and draws out any excess oil, dirt and product residue.
Next is the Balancing Conditioner RRP £7.49* which is a nice consistency as it's not super thin but it's not too heavy which is what I like in a conditioner as I do have quite fine hair. I like that it's a conditioner that feels like it's done a good job at conditioning once you rinse it out and you hair already feels smooth and manageable prior to blow drying it.

After letting my hair dry a little in my go-to AQUIS Hair Towel* which is honestly a game changer by the way! I've then been popping on the Prep & Prime Weightless Shield RRP £6.99*. Unfortunately I've just not been able to get the Prep & Prime Weightless Shield to work for me. I've applied it to wet hair, damp hair and dry hair and in different amounts and I just find that it's too sticky and it makes my hair hard to manage the following day when I need to brush and style it. 

Lastly is the Replenishing Mask £8.49* and I'm already a huge fan of Lee Stafford hair masks as they're always packed full of everything you want and need in a hair treatment. The ChocoLocks Butter Cream Treatment mask is actually my all-time fave! So it's safe to say I had high hopes when I saw that there was hair mask in the new Keep It Clean range and it definitely does a good job at replenishing my mid-lengths and ends without making my hair feel heavy with product. So I now have the ChocoLocks Butter Treatment AND the Keep It Clean Replenishing Mask* on my beauty shelf in my bathroom. The mask is packed with mineral rich ingredients and you only have to leave it on for 5 minutes, so it's a good mask to use if you want a quick pamper sesh too. 

Overall I've enjoyed trying the range out but I am a bit gutted that the Prep & Prime Weightless Shield didn't seem to work for my hair. But the other products I will definitely be repurchasing once they run out. It is a bit annoying how I seem to need more shampoo than usual but I do also feel like it keeps my hair feeling fresher and cleaner for longer than usual which is good as my roots get greasy quickly and also it means I can probably go an extra day or two without the need of washing my hair (which is also good when my chronic pain is bad too). Another big plus is that I'm a fan of the pump bottle design as that's the one thing that let down the Cactus Crush range last year and why I never repurchased the Shampoo and Conditioner.

If you're interested in trying out the whole range then you can save some money as Boots currently have a Keep It Clean bundle for £20 (saving £10.46)!

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  1. Lee Stafford products always smell HEAVENLY! His hair growth products saved my hair a while back when my previous hair dresser decided to chop at my hair :-(
    Amber |