Two New Skin Clearing Products From Dermalogica

-This post contains PR/Gifted items as I am part of Dermalogica's Skinfluencer programme, however it contains no paid content. All opinions are my own- 
After my review of the Clear Start Starter Kit*, Dermalogica asked if I would like to try out their two new skin clearing products which are both targeted at adult breakout prone skin. The two new products both contain the active ingredients Salicylic Acid and Niacinamide. So in this post I'm going to be sharing how I've got on with both products and if I recommend them. 

The AGE Bright Clearing Serum RRP £58* has basically been a bit of a revelation for my skin. If you read my recent blog post about having to switch to the mini pill (when I didn't want to) and how it's affected my skin then I can now say I've found a product which has helped to clear up the weird spots. It hasn't completely got rid of them and I can still see the pesky little devils under my makeup but there isn't as many of them and they aren't as noticeable as they were. I know it's the AGE Bright Clearing Serum which has helped because I haven't tried any other new skin clearing treatment product during the time I've been trying out the two new products from Dermalogica. I'll still raise the skin issue when I next see my doctors (when my health anxiety lets me that is) just to see what she thinks and if there's anything she can prescribe that can completely get rid of the weird bumps/spots without having to switch pills again but for now I'm happy to continue using the Clearing Serum to minimise and manage the problem. I've also seen an improvement in my skin overall in terms of how often it breaks out and how much quicker the breakouts go too. So I would definitely buy it again! 

The AGE Bright Spot Fader RRP £40.50* is a two-in-one spot treatment which aims to reduce the appearance of active breakouts and post breakout marks. The Salicylic Acid helps to clear any active breakouts and the Niacinamide and Hexylresorcinol both work together to help fade any post-breakout marks which also improves uneven skin tones. I really like that it has a spatula-like applicator for ease of use and I also like that you can lock the product so that it doesn't spill out if the tube is accidentally squeezed. It's also good if you're on the go or travelling. I think it works well at reducing any redness and swelling especially if you apply it before going to bed. However out of the two new products I personally prefer the AGE Bright Clearing Serum* just because I feel like I have seen better results from using it every day and I can use it all over my face whereas the AGE Bright Spot Fader is more of a targeted treatment. I also personally think it's quite pricey for the 15ml size so if I was to pick it up again then I'd try and find it at a discounted price. 

But overall they both work at reducing and clearing up spots and any post-breakout marks so I would say if you're someone who doesn't get frequent spots but you want something at hand for when a spot pops up then the AGE Bright Spot Fader* is probably for you. If you're someone like me who has to deal with breakouts and scarring quite often then you'll probably like the AGE Bright Clearing Serum* more.

Have you tried the new products from Dermalogica or are you planning to?
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  1. Ohh, these seem like really interesting products actually. Think I might have to give the spot fader a try!