Ways I'm Trying To Up My Blogging Game

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I'm always trying to up my blogging game one way or another but there are definitely some things I really want to get better at and I thought I'd talk about what they are in this post and how I'm planning on achieving my blogging game goals this year.

Increase My DA Score -
I really want to get my DA score up to 28-30 because it's been stuck at 25 for a few months now. The main reason why I would love to get it past the DA 25 mark is so I can apply for more DA 25+ paid opportunities when they arise. Obviously when you have a higher DA score it also usually means that you'll be able to get paid a larger amount when it comes to paid blogging collaborations too (most of the time anyway) and your girl has bills to pay and being a self-employed blogger is hard when we go through quiet spells.

Reach Out To More Brands - 
At the beginning of the year I decided that every Sunday evening I would try and reach out to 3 or 4 brands or companies to work with on either a gifted or paid basis. But I feel like I've let this slip a little. I also feel I've lost my confidence a little because there's so many other bloggers around me doing so well for themselves (which is great!) but I feel like my content is no where near as good as theirs. I do want to start doing reaching out to brands/companies/PRs on a Sunday evening again though.

Use Affiliate Links More - 
I'll be honest I tend to forget about affiliates because I just feel like you have to put in more effort when you barely make any money from them each month. However I do want to try and use them more in posts and just see if it's worthwhile to actually use them again now that my monthly page views has increased by a lot. So yep, expect to see more affiliate links in my blog posts starting from now.

Change Up My Photography A Little - 
I have already actually started doing this but I thought I'd pop it in here anyway because I do have a few other photo set up ideas which I'm going to test out soon. Obviously with having chronic pain, taking photos for my blog/insta really kills both my back and pelvic pain and makes it flare up quite bad. I usually have to get in bed after taking photos because it hurts that much. But I do feel like I'm a little bit bored of my photos right now. I have been using my gallery wall as a background lately as well as my polka dot bedding from Asda which I purposely bought so I could use it as a background when it's on my bed and I've also started to use my "Simplicity" backdrop from photobackdrops.co more often. I also really want to take more home, lifestyle and fashion kind of photos on my insta too. I just feel like having a good mixture will break up my grid a bit. I've also been *trying* to cut back on using my fake flowers in my photos but I just think they are a good space filler but I am on the lookout for new props at the minute.
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  1. Good luck with all of these! I haven't checked my DA in ages, and I'm kind of scared to, as I'm sure its gone down haha! Good luck with raising yours xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. Your photography skills is the bomb dot com. I could learn so much from you and I'm also trying to up my blogging game too. Great post.

  3. Good luck with all your goals, I'd like to up my DA score as well but I don't have much idea where to start haha!, I love your photography your photos are always well laid out, crisp and bright and they always look lovely.
    Charlie | www.charlieswonderland.co.uk

    1. Thank you! And I've noticed linking old blog posts in new blog posts and also commenting on other people's blogs more often helps to increase mine :) x

  4. DA score has always confused me but I think I'm getting to grips with the meaning behind it now and what I need to do to increase it. I've been trying to focus on my SEO and make sure thats up to scratch which I'm hoping will help in the long run!

    Lucy | Forever September