5 TV Shows To Binge Watch This Weekend

I haven't really talked about TV shows I've been watching and things like that for a while so I thought I'd do a round up post of some shows that I think are worth watching but also don't have literally hundreds of episodes. So you can easily binge watch the shows I'm talking about in this post over a nice relaxing weekend. 

Where to find it? BBC iPlayer 
Similar to: Killing Eve, Skins, Doctor Foster

I honestly don't know why more people don't talk about Clique because it's such a good show and it's easily accessible via iPlayer. There's currently two seasons available (I'm not sure if there's going to be a season three) and it's what I would call a mystery-thriller. It follows Holly who has just started her new life as a uni student in Edinburgh with her best friend Georgia but then Georgia gets drawn into an elite crowd who Holly is not sure about. With Georgia trying to get in with the "it crowd" she starts changing and starts pushing her childhood friend Holly out which then worries Holly because Georgia's personality completely changes. This leads Holly to begin investigating the elite crowd and what exactly they are about.

Sex Education 
Where to find it? Netflix 
Similar to: Skins, Bad Education

Sex Education is definitely one of the best shows I've watched this year. It's so funny and it covers a lot of important topics too. It did take me an episode or two to get into it with it's weird 70's set up but you soon get past it. It is definitely based on this day and age as they have smartphones but the houses, cars and the clothes seem to be inspired by the 70's. 

It follows Otis who is completely inexperienced when it comes to sex and is also extremely socially awkward. However his divorced mum is a sex therapist and works from home, so Otis unintentionally knows things and has picked up on his mother's tips. So when Mauve the school's "bad girl" realises that Otis is good at giving out advice after helping out a fellow classmate she ropes him into starting a therapy clinic at school to make some quick money. It's funny but it can be quite sad and upsetting in some episodes too. 

The Spanish Princess 
Where to find it? Amazon Video
Similar to: Reign, The Tudors

The Spanish Princes is loosely based on Catherine of Aragon who was obviously Henry VIII's first wife. I thought it sounded pretty interesting because you never really hear or see much about her apart from the fact that she was his first wife, she had a daughter with him but didn't give him an heir and she was very lucky he didn't behead her. If you're a fan of Reign and/or The Tudors then I'd say you'll most likely like The Spanish Princess. It's only 8 episodes long so it's an easy one to binge watch over the weekend. It is dramatised for the sake of the TV show but it is still interesting as there's a lot of twists and turns throughout. They've also renewed it for season 2 which is set to be released next year which I'm already looking forward to watching.

Ackley Bridge
Where to find it? All 4 
Similar to: Waterloo Road 

If you liked Waterloo Road back in the day (wow, I'm sounding old...) then I'm pretty certain you'll love Ackley Bridge because they're extremely similar and I'll even go as far as to say that I think I actually prefer Ackley Bridge. It's based in Yorkshire in a fictional town and it's about segregating two schools into one due to budget cuts in education, with one school being mostly Asian and the other school being British. This obviously comes with a lot of drama but the teachers and sponsors are determined to make it work and prove everyone who doubts them wrong. It covers so many important and sensitive topics from poverty, sexuality, religion, bullying and more and they always seem to cover the topics well too. It can be funny, upsetting and shocking and the latest season which is season 3 has definitely been the most shocking of all so far.

Good Girls 
Where to find it? Netflix 
Similar to: Big Little Lies, Killing Eve (kind of)

Good Girls is what I would call a crime-drama-comedy rolled into one. It follows three suburban mother's - Beth, Annie and Ruby who all live in Michigan. Beth and Annie are sisters and Ruby is a close friend. They've all got things going on in their life where they all need a substantial amount of money to cover said things but they're just scraping by trying to make ends meet. So they come up with a plan to rob the local supermarket where Annie works (as you do haha!). But all is not what it seems and it turns out that they've accidentally landed themselves into something big and bad. It's such a good show and I don't want to talk about it in depth because I could easily ruin the plot but I highly recommend watching it if you haven't already.

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  1. Ooooo I'll look into these thanks xx

  2. I love Good Girls, such a good show! I haven't watched any of the others, but will add them to my list :)

    Sammy etc xx

  3. Sex Education is such a brilliant show, I loved it - I've not watched any of the others mentioned though, will have to have a look into them!

    Lucy | Forever September