Interior Design And Home Decor Trends I'm Loving This Year *

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You may have noticed that I've been talking more about home and interiors on my blog this year. I don't know if it's my age, now that I'm 25 or if it's something which I'm just really enjoying in general but I'm a bit obsessed to be honest. So I thought I'd do a blog post about interior design and home decor trends I've been loving and taking inspiration from this year. 

60's/70's Vibes
I'm really into 60's/70's interior design right now. I admit I wouldn't go all out and have my house completely decked out with furniture and wallpaper from those eras but I do like the idea of injecting bits and pieces into your home. Whether it's a snazzy over the top wallpaper design, a retro looking chair, clashing some bold colours or adding a huge bookcase or a long teak sideboard with legs that look like it can barely hold it up. There's just something about the 60's/70's I love and I've literally felt that way since I was younger.

Making Features 
Something else which I'm liking this year and have even incorporated into our house already is making features out of things in your home that otherwise get overlooked. From turning an old unusable 1940's fireplace into a vanity area, upgrading your curtains by adding some bold curtain hooks, picking up some snazzy wall hooks to hang your coats and jackets on in a small hallway or making a feature out of your otherwise plain radiators by adding custom coloured, bold graphite or chrome radiators which you can buy from Trade Radiators. Making features and changing small things often makes a big difference.

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Plants Everywhere
I basically want to turn my house into a greenhouse haha. I love homes which have plants everywhere. But because we have two cats I'm always worried about making them sick because a lot of houseplants are toxic to both cats and dogs and can even be fatal. I do have some cacti and succulents (Echeverias) in the bathroom window where the cats don't go and I'm also thinking about an Aloe Vera plant for my room (which are toxic btw) but I'm planning on putting a shelf up on my wall quite high up and making a feature out of it with a large print behind the plant and adding a few books and too. ~Fingers crossed the cats won't bother with it~

Industrial Interiors
I also really like industrial interior styles too. From metal stairs, big windows, oversized lights in the kitchen and more. I also like the mixture of rustic wooden tables and bookcases made from metal with wooden shelves. I think it looks bold and eye catching but you can make it look softer and cosier by adding some books, plants, string lights etc.

Mustard Everything
Mustard seem to be everywhere this year and I am here for it. We've recently revamped the living room by adding a floral mustard yellow feature wall above the fireplace and we've also added some warm yellow cushions in a few different designs to add some texture too. In addition to that I've recently picked up a cosy mustard fleece blanket for the colder months to snuggle up in with a hot drink and a book. I'm so ready for Autumn and Winter now, can you tell?

Freestanding Mirrors
I also love the look of huge freestanding mirrors against the wall but unfortunately I have two cats and they're both mischief makers so I can guarantee a freestanding mirror wouldn't last that long in our house. However I think they just look so great and if you have a large room and you have a lot of space and don't know what to do with it then I could see how filling the space with a massive mirror would work well.

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  1. I love interior design! I definitely want a lot of plants in my house when I buy one x