My Go-To Comfortable Clothing Pieces *

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I love feeling comfortable and I do tend to buy my clothes a dress size or two bigger than my actual dress size just so that I feel extra comfortable. I also find feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing helps with my chronic pain a lot of the time too. So I thought I'd share my go-to clothing pieces that I wear either in the house as loungewear or when I'm out and about when I want to be super comfortable.

As I'm writing this the weather is a bit miserable, grey and kind of cold so over the past few days I've been wearing a cosy sweatshirt and either pyjamas bottoms or pyjamas shorts and I'd say it's one of my go-to outfits when I'm at home. It's cosy and comfortable and that's basically all I want in an outfit when it's a bit colder.

I also like to wear tracksuits as loungewear around the house or when I have to nip out of the house. I think it's mainly because I find jogger bottoms comfortable when I'm having a bad chronic pain flare up and I'm a fan of both hoodies and sweatshirts so I can mix it up a little if I want to. I also find that buying a tracksuit works out cheaper than buying the hoodie/sweatshirt and joggers separately a lot of the time and I love saving myself some money too. You can buy both women's and men's loungewear tracksuits at justyouroutfit.

I have quite a few smock dresses and T-shirt dresses in my wardrobe right now that I wear both in the house and out of the house. Smock dresses may not be the most flattering on my body shape but they are so comfortable! So I'm kind of just like "sod it" and wear them anyway. T-shirt dresses are effortless and a good piece to just throw on and go. I tend to buy plain T-shirt dresses and then dress them up with jewellery and a denim jacket.

One of my go-to comfortable outfits is definitely just a t-shirt and some leggings sometimes paired with a denim jacket or a chunky knit cardigan depending on the weather. I just feel like it's an easy outfit to throw on and go. I'm a big fan of slogan t-shirts and I'm currently really into t-shirts with mystical looking things like moons, suns and stars.

Lastly is one mainly for the autumn/winter months which is a cosy jumper with some leggings or jeggings. I don't find jeans very comfortable because I have quite chunky legs. So I just stick to leggings and jeggings because they're extra stretchy lol. This is another outfit that I like to keep pretty plain and simple and then make it look a bit more put together by adding jewellery like a statement pendant necklace or a pretty scarf. 

What are your favourite go-to comfortable clothing pieces? 

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