Are EcoPanda Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads Any Good?

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I've been doing my best to be more sustainable and I've been making a conscious effort to change things up which you can read about in this post. One of the first things I wanted to change is some things in my beauty regime which I use daily/most days that aren't environmentally friendly. I switched out face wipes a while ago because they were wreaking havoc on my skin, I also recently changed to cotton paper buds as opposed to the ones with the plastic stick and I'm also on the look out for a decent shampoo bar as all of the ones I've tried so far just don't work for me and they either dry out my hair or strip out my hair dye, which isn't ideal. Something else which I've been struggling with is finding a good way to remove my makeup (particularly my eye makeup) instead of using single-use cotton wool pads. I've tried quite a few reusable makeup remover pads/wipes but I've had issues with literally all of them so far. From having a reaction to the material, the cotton pads literally disintegrating in the washing machine even when I've followed the brands "washing guide" and I've also had a set that literally fell apart in my hands when I used oil-based products which I use to get my eye makeup off with. 

So when EcoPanda reached out to me asking if I would be up for trying out and reviewing their bamboo makeup remover pads I was like yes please! (whilst hoping and praying that they would work for me). EcoPanda are a small brand who are constantly looking for new ways to replace conventional products with environmentally friendly products. 

Their EcoPanda Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads are available from Amazon and are made from high quality bamboo and are also hypoallergenic. The set includes a gorgeous bamboo storage jar, an eco-friendly laundry bag, 18 reusable white bamboo makeup remover pads (8cm each) and an E-book with some tips on skincare. So you're definitely getting your money's worth when you buy the set!

The makeup remover pads are made up of two layers of high quality natural bamboo cotton fabrics and contain no plastic. They are suitable for all skin types and they are sustainable because bamboo is not only biodegradable but it also grows up to a meter each day which makes it a great eco material. Also using reusable makeup remover pads saves a lot of money in the long run because you can use them over and over again.

I'm pretty sure that none of the reusable makeup remover pads or wipes I've tried previously whilst I've being trying to make the change have been made from or contain bamboo and I think that's what's so different with the EcoPanda makeup remover pads and why they seem to be better than the previous reusable pads I've used. They seem tougher but they are super soft to use and they stay soft after washing and air drying too which I really like. I also think it's good that they are bigger than your average cotton wool pad. For example I can use just one EcoPanda pad to remove all of my eye makeup (using both sides).

So how have I been getting on using the EcoPanda Makeup Remover Pads overall?

I'm happy to say that I've ~finally~ found some reusable makeup remover pads that actually work well for me! They don't annoy my skin or make my eyes go red at all, they wash really well and also don't break the bank. Yay!

If you have time then rinse the freshly used pad under warm water and use some soap to help remove any stains (I tend to use just a basic Dove soap bar for this). It really helps to get any mascara out before popping them in the wash. If you're not too bothered about stains on the bamboo pads then you can just leave them until you pop them in the wash. Also don't put them in the tumble dryer as this can cause shrinkage and don't use fabric softeners, stain removers or bleach. Remember to ALWAYS use the laundry bag provided and if they're badly stained then you can wash at 60 degrees.

Have you made the change to reusable makeup remover pads or wipes? and will you be buying the EcoPanda Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads?

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  1. thank you for this post!!! I've always wondered what it was like to use these removable pads :)