Do Satin Pillowcases Actually Help Your Hair and Skin?

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I've noticed that satin pillowcases and satin hair scrunchies are being talked about more lately (mainly on instagram) because they can apparently help your hair and prevent damage and the pillowcases can apparently help both your hair and your skin too. In theory it sounds bloody great, doesn't it? But does sleeping on a satin pillowcase actually help to prevent hair damage, bedhead, spots and wrinkles? I've been trying out Morning Glamour's Satin Pillowcase* which is £12.99 (single) or £24.99 (double) for around 3 weeks now and I thought it was about time I share my thoughts. 

First of all I was sent the pillowcase so I didn't choose the colour and I'll be honest I'm not super keen on the pink colour I was sent as it just doesn't really go with my room. However Morning Glamour do have 8 colour options so I'd definitely be able to find a colour that'd suit the colour scheme in my room in the future. 

I was excited to try out a satin pillowcase because of all of the things brands claim that sleeping on a satin pillowcase can help you with. Also I feel like I'm the ideal person to put a satin pillowcase to the test because I have frizzy, wavy hair naturally, my skin is oily and spot prone and I've started to get fine lines around my eyes ~sob~ and I suffer with really bad bedhead first thing in the morning when I wear my hair down to bed. It literally looks like a bird is nest or something. It's bad. 

So how does the satin actually work?
Satin performs as a barrier to friction which prevents damage, breakage and bedhead and the satin pillowcase also protect your lashes from any friction too. Satin is non-absorbent which allows your skin to soak up any products you've applied before bed rather than it sinking into your pillowcase. Studies have also shown that sleeping on satin can help to prevent sleep creases which inevitably form permanent wrinkles.

I'll get straight to the point... I'm a bit on the fence about the satin pillowcase so far and here's why... 
I find that the satin pillowcase makes the pillow slip around on top of the other pillow underneath because it's so silky which is annoying, especially when you have chronic pain because it means that I have to be aware in my sleep that if I switch to lay on the other side then there's a good chance the pillow will move with me. I've also noticed that I've been getting more neck and upper back pain which isn't great as it all just annoys my normal lower back pain and I'm pretty sure it's down to the satin pillowcase unfortunately.

During the August bank holiday heatwave I did find that the pillowcase was a lot cooler than a normal pillowcase which was quite nice and refreshing. It's a bit annoying that it's not the same on both sides (because of the "stay-put pocket flap") so you can't flip your pillow over. Also even though it was nice and cool to use in the summer, does it mean that it'll be really cold in the winter? Because if so, I'm not about that life. I like being all cosy and warm in the winter.

However I have noticed that my skin hasn't been breaking out as much as normal whilst using the pillowcase but this could also be down to a couple of new products I've been using recently so I can't say for sure. It definitely helps with bedhead as they claim because I haven't been waking up to the crazy birds nest hair, so that's a positive. Obviously as I haven't been using the satin pillowcase for a long period of time, I can't say if it's going to help with onset wrinkles but I can say that I haven't been waking up with sleep creases whilst using the pillow. 

Overall I think it's safe to say that I'm not 100% on the product. It's a shame because I think it does help with bedhead and it does prevent sleep creases as well as potentially helping with my spot-prone skin but I think the fact that it slips and slides around so much is what bothers me the most because I don't want to make my chronic pain worse and on flare-up mode as soon as I wake up in the morning. 

Have you used a satin pillowcase before? 

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  1. I seriously need to get me some as well

    Candice ||

  2. Sounds an interesting theory, but I'm with you I can't be doing with a pillow that moves xx