3 Reasons To Replace a Faulty Or Broken Boiler *

-This post is in collaboration with BOXT-
Have you had your current boiler for over a decade? Is it starting to make some strange noises or costing you money for maintenance on a regular basis? It’s probably time to accept defeat and replace your faulty or broken boiler. 
Of course, there’s plenty of other more enjoyable things to spend money on, like clothes or make-up, but sometimes you’ve got to think practical. 
Our boilers are like a lifeline during wintertime, we depend on them completely to keep our homes cosy and warm. Replacing your broken boiler in plenty of time for winter means you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to sleep in every jumper you own.  
Here’s the top three reasons why saying goodbye to your old broken boiler is a great idea… 
1. Improved Efficiency
If you’ve had your boiler for over ten years, its efficiency rating is probably much lower than the standard model these days. There are now strict laws in place, meaning all new boilers must be at least 90% efficient, if not more. 
You might think that you’ll save money by sticking with your current boiler and battling through the winter, but this is simply not the case. A faulty or broken boiler can cost you even more, by sending your energy bills through the roof. The more efficient your boiler, the less energy you will need to use, and the more of your hard-earned cash you can hold onto – to spend on the finer things in life! 

BOXT install the most efficient boiler brand around, Worcester Bosch, to homes across the UK. Their speedy and high-quality service means you can have your old boiler taken away and a new one in its place, whenever is convenient for you! Even if you want a new boiler by tomorrow, nothing is too much trouble. 
2. Help to save the environment.
Whilst replacing your broken boiler is great for saving money long term, you can reduce your carbon footprint too! 
It’s no longer acceptable to ignore our environmental impact. The reduced use of plastic in our everyday lives is one way to help, but there are plenty of other ways to make a difference too! Replacing an ancient and inefficient boiler is one small yet important way to help save the planet. The less energy you waste when heating your home, the smaller your impact will be on the environment. 
3. A safer home. 
Finally, saying goodbye to a broken boiler can make your home a far safer place to be. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas, and older boilers are far more prone to releasing this if a fault occurs. 
This gas is impossible to detect without a carbon monoxide detector, so can be fatal if it has chance to spread through your home. It’s simply not worth putting yourself, your guests, or even your pets at risk by using a boiler that is known to be on its way out. Opt for a new model to put your mind at ease and keep everyone as safe as possible!
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