Bathroom Interior Trends I'm Loving Right Now *

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A couple of months ago I did a blog post all about
Interior Design Trends I'm Loving Right Now and I really enjoyed writing that post so I thought I'd do a post solely about bathroom trends that I like the look of. Most UK bathrooms are pretty bog standard with the essentials and then it's up to you what you do with them depending on your style preference and also what your budget is. We all have different tastes in our house so we've just kept the bathroom pretty basic and it does what it has to do. So in this post I'm talking about both what I like the look of and what I'd have in our bathroom if I could choose whatever I wanted.

Freestanding Bath 
It's pretty boring really but I'd love a freestanding boat style bath just because I think they're really aesthetically pleasing. I'm really into the look of metal baths right now and I think they can kind of be a feature in a bathroom too. I honestly don't know if I would choose a simple white bath or a gorgeous copper bath but either way, I'd love one.

Statement Walls - Wallpaper, Bold Tiles, Marble
Something else I really like is statement walls and I'm not going to lie, if I could do a feature wall in our bathroom, I definitely would. But I think the hard part would be choosing what I actually want. I love the look of bold wallpaper specifically made for a bathroom, pretty pastel coloured tiles and also stand out marble tiles too. I also think you could really "dress up" the feature wall as well, especially if you had it on the wall where you have your sink because then you could choose your furnishings to match the statement tiles. 

Plants Galore 
Not only am I a crazy cat lady but I'm also a crazy plant lady too. I really like plants from succulents, cheese plants, cacti, aloe vera and more. I really like watching them grow and also shocking myself when I don't kill a plant within a couple of months of owning it haha. I am always careful what plants I have in the house though because of having cats because obviously I don't want to make them unwell. But you could always put the non-toxic or less harmful plants closer to the ground such as on your storage unit or in the window and then any plants you're a bit unsure about you could put higher up on shelves... or just buy a load of fake plants to mingle in with the real plants. 

Rose Gold/Gold/Copper Accents 
Yes, I'm one of those people who has been sucked into the rose gold, copper and gold hype and no, I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. I'm not sure what I would choose for my dream bathroom, I think it would depend on the feature wall choice but I'd definitely have my taps, mirror and lights all matching in either rose gold, gold or copper.

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In Wall Shower Storage
This is probably something which sounds so boring to most people, especially people who live in new builds but I'd love an in wall shower storage area. If you're not familiar then it's basically just a cut out in the wall to store your go-to products. I like how it'd help to keep the shower/bath area tidier but also how it's also a space saver if you have a small bathroom.  

Simple Patterned Tiled Floors
Something else which I love the look of and seems to be all the rage right now is classic patterned tiled floors. From simple squares to geometric shapes, I think it's just enough to make the bathroom look nice and cosy but not super busy. I could see a simple tiled floor working well with a bold wallpaper feature wall.

A "Wet Room" Shower 
This is something that I've wanted for a long time but since becoming unwell with my chronic pain, I want it even more. I'd love a wet room kind of shower and they're not even that much money to buy. I think if we had the spare space in our bathroom then we'd definitely add one in and have the bath and shower separate. Imagine just being able to walk into a shower instead of stepping or climbing in. All of my chronically ill readers will get what I mean.

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  1. We are currently planning a new bathroom and are about to start renovations in our downstairs loo, so loved reading this post x