An A/W Clothing Wishlist

I thought it was about time I did another clothing wishlist on here because I'm pretty sure I haven't done one for a couple  of months and there's definitely a few autumn/winter bits that I have my eyes on right now. 

New Look Dark Brown Teddy Jacket - £39.99 / New Look White Celestial Eclipse Slogan T-shirt - £8.99 / ASOS Design Curve Boyfriend Shirt in Mustard and Ivory Check - £25 / Vero Moda Curve Chevron Print Jumper - £28

First up is the Teddy Jacket from New Look which in theory I love the look of and I think if you can pull them off, they look great. I also like that they look super cosy and warm. However, I can't help but think it's a bit Del Boy-esque if you get what I mean. 

Next is a pretty Celestial looking t-shirt which I think would look great paired with one of my patterned cardigans, such as my leopard print one which I've been wearing to death since the weather has gotten colder. I also think the t-shirt would look great paired up with the Boyfriend Shirt in Mustard and Ivory Check from ASOS. I want to get back into wearing oversized shirt because they're a good way to layer up without making yourself look super bulky. 

And I really like the look of the Vero Moda Chevron Print Jumper which has been hanging about in my wishlist on ASOS for a while. I think it's quite pricey at £28 as it looks quite thin, so I'm waiting to see if it gets reduced a little. But I do really like the colours and chevron print.

ASOS Design V Neck Stripe Smock Dress - £22 / Daisy Street Plus Padded Jacket in Ditsy Heart Print - £44.99 / Daisy Street Plus Relaxed Sweatshirt in Vintage Detroit Print - £19.99 / Daisy Street Plus Cardigan in Stripe Knit - £24.99

The V Neck Stripe Smock Dress from ASOS isn't really an A/W dress but I think you could potentially get away with wearing it with tights and some boots to make it look a bit more suitable for A/W. Although smock dresses do absolutely nothing for my body shape, they're so comfortable and you don't have to worry about looking bloated and things like that. 

Next is another hmmm kind of pick because again in theory I love the look of puffa jackets or as Daisy Street like to call it "padded jacket" but I feel like I may look like the Michelin man if I was to put it on. I really like the cute little hearts and I honestly think that's what's pulling me in because if it was a plain puffa jacket, I'd probably scroll past it. 

Something else I've been loving since the weather has gotten colder is sweatshirts, I do love a sweatshirt! I'm actually wearing one that's purposely two sizes too big as I'm writing this and I am feeling super cosy! The Daisy Street Relaxed Sweatshirt in Vintage Detroit Print is simple but nice. I think with the vintage inspired print on the front, it makes it look a lot more expensive. I think at £19.99 it's a steal and it'd look great with a pair of jeans and some nice chunky boots.

I've just realised as I'm writing this that I've got three Daisy Street picks in a row, oops! I can tell I started writing this post late at night. Oh well, nevermind. I'm also loving the look of the Stripe Knit cardigan and I think the yellow would just boost my mood if I was having a crappy day, you know what I mean? It'd look nice with simple printed tees like the Celestial one I mentioned earlier and it just looks like a good cardigan to just throw on and go.

New Look Off White Check Pinafore Dress - £22.99 / ASOS Design Armour Chain Lace Up Boots in Black - £35 / New Look Grey Marl "Be Kind" Slogan Sweatshirt - £17.99 / Missguided Plus Rainbow Pastel Stripe Jumper - £25

I really love the look of the New Look Check Pinafore and I think it looks really nice how it's styled with a long sleeve white t-shirt, I also think it'd look good with a black t-shirt too. I just think pinafore dresses are a good way to layer up in the autumn and winter and also to make you feel a bit girly. I love the look of the ASOS Lace Up Boots but because I have quite chunky legs, I always struggle with buying boots and I don't know if they'd actually fit me. But I'm pretty sure I've seen some wide fit ones on ASOS somewhere and technically they should be wider all over. 

Another sweatshirt I thought looked cute is the Be Kind slogan sweatshirt from New Look. It just looks like a good sweatshirt to throw on and it comes with a nice inspiring message too. Lastly is the Missguided Rainbow Pastel Stripe Jumper which I'm obsessed with. I think I'm going to have to buy this soon to try because it's just my cup of tea. Hopefully it's not a boxy kind of fit because I hate jumpers like that. 

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