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In today's post I'm talking about transitional beauty, because around this time of the year our skin decides to change a little which means we should opt for products which are more moisturising and aimed for people with a drier, sensitive skin type. I've also popped a new fragrance in this post which is a bit different to what I usually go for.

I'm already a massive fan of the Rituals Happy Buddha range and I always make sure I have the shower foam in my shower because it smells so nice! Although it's a foaming product which are known for drying out the skin usually, I actually find that it makes my skin feel nice and soft so it's kind of a 2-in-1 product. So when I saw that Fragrance Direct are now selling Rituals I had to pop one of the products from the Happy Buddha range in this blog post. I decided to get The Ritual of Happy Buddha Body Scrub* which has the same sweet orange and cedarwood scent that I love. I find that the scent is uplifting but also quite comforting at the same time. The scrub itself is a sugar based scrub with luxury oils, so it is quite a gritty scrub but the oils counteract that and leave your skin feeling super soft after removing the product. I also think you get a great amount of product for the £16.99 price tag.

Another brand that I've tried a few products from is Love Beauty and Planet and I recently picked up their Delightful Detox Shower Gel* which is infused with Rosemary and Vetiver. You get a whopping 500ml for £5.99 which I think is a steal. I also think the scent smells like something you would find at LUSH. I tend to find that cheaper shower gels all have very similar scent families but this is honestly so different and nice. It's quite earthy but sharp and I think it's a great one to use in the shower first thing in the morning to wake your body up, because let's face it, getting out of bed on a winter morning is a struggle for all of us. I also like that Love Beauty and Planet are vegan, contain no "baddies" and their bottles are recyclable. Adding to that, their scents are made up from natural and ethically sourced extracts and oils. I just think they're a great brand overall and I'm definitely going to try more from them before the year is out.

With my skin having it's weird on/off reactions to certain foods and products (I literally don't know why either) I make sure I always have some sort of calming, anti-redness product in my skincare cabinet all of the time now. I usually use my Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence which I talked about in this post but I thought I would change it up a little and try the REN Clean Skincare Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum* which is priced at £16.99 on Fragrance Direct's website and it's honestly been a game changer. It not only works well at calming my skin when I'm having a weird reaction when my cheeks go bright red and really hot but I've also noticed since using it that my skin hasn't been breaking out as much as usual. I'm definitely going to be picking this up again as soon as I run out. It's also just over £15 less than the RRP on the FD website - bargain!

When the seasons change I like to treat myself to a new perfume and I usually opt for something that has more of a warmer, deeper scent but this time around I've decided to get the Calvin Klein Women Eau de Parfum Spray*. I'm not going to lie, I mainly chose it because I really like the unusual bottle design. It's still quite a woody scented perfume but it's also got floral notes running through it. With top notes of: Eucalyptus Acorns, heart notes of: Orange Flower and base notes of: Alaskan Cedarwood, it's definitely a nice transitional perfume and it's one of those perfumes that doesn't lose it's scent after a few hours.

I couldn't talk about transitional beauty without mentioning a lip balm! I've already noticed my lips have become more drier as we move into the colder months so I've always got one close by. I tend to go between using my Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Com or Carmex Flavoured Lip Balms. This time I chose the Strawberry flavour* in the tube but I'm not usually that fussed on the flavours because I think they're all lovely.

Following on from lip balms, the last thing I wanted to mention is lipstick because when it gets colder I tend to sway away from liquid lipsticks because I find that they can be extra drying on my lips so I tend to opt for either standard lipsticks, lip glosses or lip butters during the colder seasons. The Max Factor Lip Butter in Matte Dawn Dew 118* is such a pretty nude that's slightly on the warmer side and is super comfortable to wear. It's also really affordable at £2.49 with a saving of £6.50. I'm really liking it so far!

What products do you make sure you change up when we move from Summer to Autumn/Winter?

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