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You may have noticed that Autumn homeware (along with Halloween and dare I say, Christmas?) has been creeping into stores over the past few weeks. I personally can’t wait for Autumn to arrive, I love the inbetween seasons of Spring and Autumn and I’m really not a big fan of Summer so seeing all the cosy homeware arrive in stores has made me excited that we’ve finally reached the months that end in ‘ber’. So because I’m going to be making my home look and feel extra cosy for the upcoming colder seasons I thought I would share 9 homeware pieces that I’ve come across that I think look really cute and cosy and perfect for Autumn.

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In today’s post, I’m talking about 7 ways to keep your home feeling warm and cosy this upcoming autumn whilst hopefully saving you some money in the process. I’ve made sure to include a variety of ideas so you can pick and choose which work best for you.

I love getting all cosy on an autumn evening and watching TV shows or a film so in today's post, I’m talking about 10 TV shows to add to your watch list this Autumn. Because I’m writing this in late October, I’ve purposely chosen TV shows that have a creepy/dark vibe or dark comedy theme and I’ve made sure to cover multiple streaming channels including free-to-use ones such as All4 and iPlayer. I was supposed to have posted this earlier in October, but time ran away with me, so yeah, if you like creepy, dark or psychological dramas or a dark comedy, this one is for you! 

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I love making the house look and feel really homely and cosy during the colder months and throughout this year I've been switching things up quite a lot because we've all obviously had to be at home a lot more than usual. So I thought I'd share with you some things which I've added to my Autumn/Winter home wishlist. I've got a mixture of furniture as well as some quite simple little things just to make the house feel and look cosier for the colder seasons. 

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I'll be honest, like most people, I've not really been wearing makeup much this year because what's the point when we're all stuck indoors? However, I thought I'd do a round-up of my go-to Autumn makeup picks, some of which are old favourites that I always use or return to during the colder months and some are fairly new in my makeup stash. My skin gets quite weird around this time of the time as it becomes drier on my nose and chin but it's also still oily too so I do feel like I have to really think about what I'm putting on my skin both in my skincare routine and makeup and also because of COVID I've also got to think about how certain beauty products last underneath a mask as well. So here my go-to Autumn makeup picks that are also face mask-friendly too.
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I'm not going to lie, I'm really struggling with motivation at the moment. I don't know if it's the weather/season change or if I'm just going through a low motivation spell but I thought I'd talk about why I like Autumn so much to kind of put me in a better mindset and try and get my creative juices flowing again if you like.

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I thought I'd start doing round-up beauty favourites again on my blog but not on a monthly basis, just when I feel like I have a nice selection of products that I've been enjoying and want to talk about why I like them. So here are seven products that I've been really enjoying using recently!

My Autumn Makeup Picks

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 I haven't done a dedicated makeup blog post for a while, so I thought it was about time I'd change that. In this post I'm going to be talking about what products are in my Autumn/Winter makeup bag and why I've been enjoying using them lately. 

For primer I've been enjoying two new ones, these are the Barry M Pixie Skin Blurring Beauty Elixir and Essence Hydrating and Perfecting Primer*. The Barry M option can also be used as a skincare product because it's super soothing, smells really fresh and also blurs your skin a little as the name suggests. The Essence Primer Drops also do a great drop at smoothing out your skin and making it ready for some makeup. 

I've reverted back to the original It Cosmetics CC Cream after using the Matte version during the warmer months. Because my skin can't decide whether to be oily or dry right now with the weather change, I thought I'd go back to the original formula as it's hydrating but can also be powered down if it looks a little too glowy, if I'm having an oilier skin kind of day. For powder I've been using another fave from It Cosmetics which is the Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder* which is literally the best powder ever! 

Another base I've been enjoying is the Burt's Bees Goodness Glows Foundation which gives  a nice glowy, radiant base but not super glowy. It seems to sit well on my skin whatever it's doing too. 

For concealer I've been loving a new addition to my makeup collection which is the bareMinerals BareSkin Concealer*. It gives a nice amount of coverage and doesn't feel drying like some high coverage concealers do. I'm also a fan of the applicator because it's quite bendy which means you can apply it really easily. I'm definitely going to be repurchasing once I've finished with it.

I rarely wear eyeshadow anymore but when I do fancy putting some on I've been liking the bareMinerals Rose Eyeshadow Palette* which I talked about in depth in this blog post. It's literally my perfect eyeshadow palette and I'm completely obsessed. My fave shades are Pixie, Boho and Free Spirit and I wear them either on their own or mixed together. I'm also planning on experimenting with some of the more "out there" shades in the new Essence palettes.

I've been using the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara* recently after they kindly sent me over some products to try and it's safe to say I now totally get the hype over this mascara. Although the brush doesn't really look like something my lashes would get along with, it really helps to lengthen my lashes as well as adding a nice amount of volume. Overall I'm really impressed and I've been reaching for it a lot over the past couple of weeks. 

For highlighter I prefer more of a natural glow rather than an in your face glow if you get what I mean. So I've been reaching for either the Glossier Highlighter Concentrate in Pale Pearl which I picked up earlier in the year when they released the Glossier Play range and I've also been using the Essence The Highlighter* which is probably my favourite highlighter right now. It's so pretty and so affordable! If you're like me and think an OTT highlighter doesn't suit you then I highly recommend the one from Essence which is available from Wilko or Feel Unique.

For blush I've been reaching for the same old peachy-pink kind of blush such as the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush* which is just a pretty throw on and go kind of blusher. I don't really change my blush choice and stick with peachy-pink shades throughout the year.

Lastly is lipsticks and although I do like a deeper or darker lip in the colder months, I've still been reaching for my nude kind of shades lately. I'd mainly been using the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in English Beauty which I would say is quite similar to Pillow Talk but just a bit more pinker or I've been using the Burt's Bees Lip Crayon in Sedona Sands* which is a nice nude shade which is comfortable to wear. 

What are your A/W makeup picks?

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In today's post I'm talking about transitional beauty, because around this time of the year our skin decides to change a little which means we should opt for products which are more moisturising and aimed for people with a drier, sensitive skin type. I've also popped a new fragrance in this post which is a bit different to what I usually go for.

I'm already a massive fan of the Rituals Happy Buddha range and I always make sure I have the shower foam in my shower because it smells so nice! Although it's a foaming product which are known for drying out the skin usually, I actually find that it makes my skin feel nice and soft so it's kind of a 2-in-1 product. So when I saw that Fragrance Direct are now selling Rituals I had to pop one of the products from the Happy Buddha range in this blog post. I decided to get The Ritual of Happy Buddha Body Scrub* which has the same sweet orange and cedarwood scent that I love. I find that the scent is uplifting but also quite comforting at the same time. The scrub itself is a sugar based scrub with luxury oils, so it is quite a gritty scrub but the oils counteract that and leave your skin feeling super soft after removing the product. I also think you get a great amount of product for the £16.99 price tag.

Another brand that I've tried a few products from is Love Beauty and Planet and I recently picked up their Delightful Detox Shower Gel* which is infused with Rosemary and Vetiver. You get a whopping 500ml for £5.99 which I think is a steal. I also think the scent smells like something you would find at LUSH. I tend to find that cheaper shower gels all have very similar scent families but this is honestly so different and nice. It's quite earthy but sharp and I think it's a great one to use in the shower first thing in the morning to wake your body up, because let's face it, getting out of bed on a winter morning is a struggle for all of us. I also like that Love Beauty and Planet are vegan, contain no "baddies" and their bottles are recyclable. Adding to that, their scents are made up from natural and ethically sourced extracts and oils. I just think they're a great brand overall and I'm definitely going to try more from them before the year is out.

With my skin having it's weird on/off reactions to certain foods and products (I literally don't know why either) I make sure I always have some sort of calming, anti-redness product in my skincare cabinet all of the time now. I usually use my Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence which I talked about in this post but I thought I would change it up a little and try the REN Clean Skincare Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum* which is priced at £16.99 on Fragrance Direct's website and it's honestly been a game changer. It not only works well at calming my skin when I'm having a weird reaction when my cheeks go bright red and really hot but I've also noticed since using it that my skin hasn't been breaking out as much as usual. I'm definitely going to be picking this up again as soon as I run out. It's also just over £15 less than the RRP on the FD website - bargain!

When the seasons change I like to treat myself to a new perfume and I usually opt for something that has more of a warmer, deeper scent but this time around I've decided to get the Calvin Klein Women Eau de Parfum Spray*. I'm not going to lie, I mainly chose it because I really like the unusual bottle design. It's still quite a woody scented perfume but it's also got floral notes running through it. With top notes of: Eucalyptus Acorns, heart notes of: Orange Flower and base notes of: Alaskan Cedarwood, it's definitely a nice transitional perfume and it's one of those perfumes that doesn't lose it's scent after a few hours.

I couldn't talk about transitional beauty without mentioning a lip balm! I've already noticed my lips have become more drier as we move into the colder months so I've always got one close by. I tend to go between using my Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Com or Carmex Flavoured Lip Balms. This time I chose the Strawberry flavour* in the tube but I'm not usually that fussed on the flavours because I think they're all lovely.

Following on from lip balms, the last thing I wanted to mention is lipstick because when it gets colder I tend to sway away from liquid lipsticks because I find that they can be extra drying on my lips so I tend to opt for either standard lipsticks, lip glosses or lip butters during the colder seasons. The Max Factor Lip Butter in Matte Dawn Dew 118* is such a pretty nude that's slightly on the warmer side and is super comfortable to wear. It's also really affordable at £2.49 with a saving of £6.50. I'm really liking it so far!

What products do you make sure you change up when we move from Summer to Autumn/Winter?

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Around this time of the year most people start making their homes all cosy and ready for the colder months and start changing up their home a little by adding in more richer and warmer colours and buying the odd autumnal scented candle here and there (or if you're like me, stockpiling all the autumnal scented candles lol). But as much as I love Autumn and the cooler months, this time of the year does affect my mood and when the dark nights start setting in, I start to feel a little low and I’ve been dealing with this for years now. So I like to keep my bedroom quite bright and colourful but still giving my room the whole "cosy vibe" too by adding in soft warm lighting from fairy lights and so on. This year I'm experimenting and attempting to use one main colour to refresh my bedroom. 

Because I’ve spent the majority of this year at home because of my ongoing health problems, it’s safe to say I’ve managed to get through a lot of TV shows on my watchlist on Netflix and NOW TV (that’s when I don’t have brain fog and can’t concentrate anyway). As we’re now technically creeping into Autumn, it means some new TV shows are about to be released. So I thought I’d share with you 4 TV shows that I’m definitely going to be watching this Autumn and why. 

I love Autumn. I think because the weather isn't freezing yet but you can still have some sunny days. I also like adding a few different things around the house like new fairy lights and cosy, warm scented candles and etc. You get the picture - so I thought today I would share with you some of my favourite things about Autumn.

All the LUSH things!
I tend to go a little crazy as soon as Autumn comes along because in the Summer I tend to opt for showers rather than a bubble bath so I usually have a stash of LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars to use up and I tend to do a LUSH haul full of the seasonal releases. (You can have a nosey what I picked up recently from LUSH here).

Watching Christmas Films

Around the end of October/beginning of November, I start watching my favourite Christmas films to get me into the Christmassy spirit. Including The Santa Clause, Holiday in Handcuffs, The Grinch and The Polar Express just to name a few. I tend to pop them on after I've had a nice relaxing bath and just chill out with and get all snuggled up in a cosy blanket.

Online Shopping

I LOVE shopping for Autumn/Winter clothing and also makeup. There's nothing better than getting all snug in the evening and settling down and doing some online shopping. I'm currently loving New Look because they have some lovely bits in for the colder seasons. Most of my A/W wardrobe is from New Look this year!

Opting For Darker Lipsticks

I love nude lipsticks usually but I love wearing more warmer and darker lipsticks in Autumn/Winter. I'm currently loving Joan Collins Divine Lipstick in the shade Melanie*, Colourpop Matte Lip in the shade Trap and also NYX Soft Matte Lipcream in the shade Budapest*.

Going Crazy For Candles

I also tend to go a little crazy for candles in Autumn too, I've been loving using my Electric Wax Melt Burner in the Summer but candles just make everything look and feel cosier and nicer, I love popping on my fairy lights in my room and lighting a few candles. I've just started burning the Monsoon Bergamot and Fig Candle RRP £17* and it smells amazing! It's a really fresh but comforting scent and not spicy (I'm not keen on spicy scents really). I love the decorative jar it comes in too and I think it would just make a lovely gift for Christmas.

So there's some of the things I love about Autumn,
 what do you love about this time of the year? 

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New In My Autumn/Winter Wardrobe

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I've been picking up quite a few bits and pieces for Autumn and Winter since late August (Yes, I started early this year but I was just ready for colder weather lol). I've mainly picked up jumpers, sweatshirts and tops because in Autumn/Winter I usually just wear leggings or jeggings because I find it so hard to find a good fitting pair of jeans which don't drown me because I'm so short and also cater for my chubby tree trunk legs. So I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite pieces of clothing I've picked up recently. 

H&M Striped T-shirt with Embroidery £8.99
This may be one of my favourite clothing purchases this year, I know it probably looks pretty plain and simple to most of you but as I said back in my Summer Fashion Trends blog post a few months ago, I'm obsessed with stripes and embroidery, so this t-shirt is perfect for me. I did have to size up (obviously, it's H&M ha) and it is quite a boxy fit which I don't usually like but I decided to keep it because it's cute and I will definitely wear it a lot.

Joanie Clothing My Oh My! Slogan Sweatshirt £15
I think this is where my slogan obsession started, I was having a nosey on the Joanie website whilst there was a sale on and I saw this and I had to buy it. Again I sized up because I wanted it to be more oversized and it fits just nice. So if you do get anything from Joanie then I would suggest sizing up if you like more of a comfy fit. But I love this sweatshirt, I wear it so much - it's just perfect for one of those "throw on and go" kind of outfits but it's also nice to just wear about the house too.

ASOS - Daisy Street Denim Jacket £12
I got this a few months ago in the sale for £12, it was supposed to be £39.99 so I was like Yes! I need this. But then I wore it a few times and hated the bow sleeve tassel things so I put it away whilst trying to decide whether to sell it or try and cut off the tassels and potentially ruin it completely. I did the latter and it actually worked out well and you can't tell that they were even there. I think I can just about get away with wearing this right now because the weather is a little all over the place and it's not hot but it's not freezing. It also has frills on the back which I forget to take a photo off, but I think it just adds a little cute touch to an outfit.

New Look Mustard Yellow Longline Jumper £9.99
In the space of about 2 weeks, I've gone from owning no mustard coloured jumpers to owning three. This one is my most recent one and probably my favourite because of it being longline. It's not too thick but not too thin so it's good for what the weather is like right now. It's really comfy and I think it looks nice with a minimalistic looking necklace. They also sell these jumpers in lots of different colours from Khaki, Kingfisher Blue, Shell Pink, Burgandy and more. I definitely want to try and get my hands on some of the other colours but they do sell out really quickly, which I'm not surprised about at all because they are a complete steal.

H&M Tassel Earrings £8.99
Yes, I caved and got my hands on THOSE tassel earrings, mainly because I've seen two of my fave fashion bloggers Hannah Gale and Grace Victory wearing these and they just look so nice with so many different outfits. It's taken me ages to get them because they kept going out of stock quickly and people were trying to sell them on Depop for £20+ (cheeky sods!). But one morning I was tracking my H&M order and I just happened to look if they were in stock and they were. I'm usually a Primark or New Look stud earrings kinda girl but I do like these and Red seems to be an "in" colour right now to wear. They are a little big and heavy but I think it's because I'm used to wearing basic studs but I like them.

Slogan T-shirts - 
If you saw my latest wishlist last week then you'll have seen that I have all of a sudden started loving anything with a slogan print. My two favourite slogan printed t-shirts are both from New Look and are so comfy and great to pair up with oversized cardigans or my denim jackets. The La Belle Fleur T-shirt has actually gone into the sale and is now £5 and the Belle Ame Mon Cheri T-shirt grabbed my attention because of the cute bee and also I like the eye-catching green and it was only £7.99.

New Look Dream Jumper £7.99
This is probably my favourite jumper at the minute. I still can't believe that this is a size L (16/18) and it fits me in an oversized way, which is great because we all know how much I love an oversized fit because I'm always banging on about being comfy and cosy. Its such great quality keeps me nice and toasty and I love that the "DREAM" slogan looks kind of 3D and retro looking.

Asda George Thick Sole Boots £20
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have quite chunky legs so I find it hard to find jeans which fit nicely and another problem is boots, every year I struggle when I get the urge to buy new boots. I usually give up and just buy some UGG looking boots which are super comfy but not the most flattering on me because I'm so short and I think they can make me look a bit stumpy (especially when I'm wearing my long parka coats). So I got these boots which kind of remind me workmen/hiker boots but they're really nice and I like that they have some height to them too. I think they just add something to my usual go-to casual outfits and they are really good quality considering they were only £20. They look so nice with a slogan t-shirt, denim jacket and leggings for a casual look. I can also see them looking nice with a nice printed smock dress or wine/burgundy pinafore dress - both of which I'm looking out for right now to add to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

So there are some of the things I've picked up recently for Autumn/Winter. My bank account may be weeping rn but at least I have some pretty new clothes for my Autumn/Winter Wardrobe.

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I don't know how it's happened but it's as if a switch has been turned on and I'm all of a sudden obsessed with slogans t-shirts and jumpers. I have picked up a few things already which I'm basically living in rn because I love them so much. So I've decided to put together a kind of wishlist and show you some fab affordable slogan t-shirts and jumpers about right now.

1. Next Rust Slogan Sweater £20 / 2. New Look La Belle Fleur T-Shirt £12.99 (ON SALE Currently £5) / 3. River Island Amour Print Fitted T-Shirt £20

4. New Look Pale Grey "Dream" Jumper £7.99 / 5. Topshop "Bad Habits Sleep" T-shirt £19 / 6. Topshop Amour T-shirt £16

7. New Look Luxe Print T-shirt £9.99 / 8. Next "Bonjour Baby" Slogan T-shirt £12 / 9. New Look "No Regrets" T-shirt £12.99 (ON SALE Currently £5)

10. New Look Belle Ame Mon Cheri T-shirt £7.99  / 11. H&M New York Sweatshirt £17.99 / 12. New Look Heartbreaker Striped T-shirt £9.99


Are you into the slogan trend right now? If so, which of the t-shirts/jumpers above do you like? (I may have bought a few things I've featured in this after writing this blog post. Oops- sorry bank account lol) 

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I know YouTubers usually do these more than people who blog but I thought I'd just do this because I really wanted to talk about these products. I was really surprised how well some of these performed but then there's a few which I'm disappointed about. (PS who loves my empties bag. It's so pretty. I did buy it for a gift but ended up keeping it for myself haha)

Elvive Shampoo + Conditioner

Oh my god these are so amazing! They have totally transformed my hair. Everyone in my house is hooked on these now too thanks to me. They smell really fresh and my hair looks and feel so much more fuller when I use these. All I can say is if you haven't tried these then go out and get them. (Also recommend the hair mask too these too!)

Would I repurchase? Already have. I'm pretty much stocked up for the next few months (yes really!)

Mitchum Pure Fresh Deodorant
So this was my mistake I picked up the wrong one. I thought I'd picked up the Shower Fresh scented one but instead I picked this up. The smell is just disgusting. I think it literally smells worse than BO. I've used it a few times just in case it's one of the sprays that smells different once it's on your skin... it's not. I put it in my body spray basket which I have in my room when I realised it's just not for me and kind of forgot about it and when I was re organising my room the other day I realised it'd leaked out everywhere but I'm not sad about that at all. I was more annoyed that I had to spend a good half hour cleaning all my body spray bottles and things with wipes to get this horrible smell off.

Would I repurchase? I think you can guess what my answer is...

Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub

Now moving onto to something which I adore. This is the best body scrub I've ever used and I think it's probably one of the best smells I've ever smelled in skin care products too. It literally smells like maple syrup. It's really sweet but not a overpowering sickly sweet smell and it's a really good thick scrub which works wonders if you have sensitive skin and these pots seem to last a while. I Always use this when I'm having a pamper kind of day or evening.

Would I repurchase? Already have!

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
I got three 100g bottles of this last Christmas and in the Boxing Day sales. I've only got one more left! Can't wait to get my hands on a 250g bottle in October. It reminds me of fairgrounds just because it smells like candy floss and it's a really good shampoo as well as shower gel. I have found a kind of dupe to this which you can read about here if you do end up running out of Snow Fairy before the Christmas range is released.

Would I repurchase? Yup, definitely.

Boots Cucumber Wipes
Yes I know this is a boring one so I'll keep it short and sweet. I know wipes aren't supposed to be the best things to use when you have oily/spot prone skin but these have cleared my skin up a lot. But because I was getting through a lot of these wipes a week I've decided to just use them here and there and mainly use them for eye make up removal and use micellar water to remove any foundation etc.

Would I repurchase? Yes.

Sure Compressed Bright Bouquet Deodorant

Time for a rant! Guess how long this lasted?? 5 days! I really do not believe in these compressed deodorants. I only bought it to give it a try and see what it smelled like. I literally used it once a day and it lasted 5 days. It's supposed to hold the equivalent as an 150ml can. I don't think so. I personally think its lies and basically just a money making scheme that they've all jumped onto. Give me a proper sized can spray any day I'll throw a roll on deodorant in my bag from now on.

Soap and Glory Hand Food Lotion

Another amazing Soap and Glory product. I suffer with quite dry hands around this time of the year. I bought this for the first time about a year ago and it's helped so much. This compact hand cream is only £2.50 and I use it all the time and it's lasted about 6 months. A little goes a long way and it smells like the Original Pink scent which I adore.

Would I repurchase? Already got two more tubes (one was in a free gift set)

Lush Cup o Coffee
There's only a few Lush products that I've tried that I don't like much and this is one of them unfortunately. I thought I'd buy this because I'm a coffee lover and I know coffee is supposed to make your skin look brighter and fresher. I did love it at first but then I found it to be too gritty and it was making my skin dry out. It was also stinging my skin a little too. So instead of using it on my face I used it up as a body scrub. 

Would I repurchase? Nope.

Soap and Glory Kick Ass Blur and Brighten Crayon
This ran out a few months ago but I found it lurking in my make up case for some reason so I thought I'd write about it. I was really excited when I bought this to get it home and try it because I usually love S&G products. When I did try it I was disappointed straight away. It's really oily and creamy and it sits in your creases quite badly. I did manage to fix it from doing that by applying loose powder over it but after trying to persevere with it for a few days it was running out (because it's so creamy it melted really fast when applying
) and I was also breaking out in spots and I stopped using it.

Would I repurchase? No.

So there's my September empties! Hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried any of these products, if so did you love/hate them? x

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So today I'm writing about the Garnier Olia Hair Colourant in the shade Dark Garnet 4.62. I've been debating on buying this dye for so long because it says it's an "oil powered" dye I thought it's make my hair all greasy and horrible. But I was really due a hair dye because I hadn't dyed my hair in around two months because I was trying to decide on what to do with it next because I fancied a big change.

I've been on and off a red head for a while now.  My usual go to red dye over the past year has been the Schwarzkopf Live Intense Colour in shade Cherry Mahogany 048. I do really love the colour and it's always on some sort of offer in Boots but it fades quite quickly. I was wondering whether to go a lot lighter and maybe have the ombre effect but because it is Autumn now and I'm really pale I thought it might wash me out and make me look really sick. So I've decided to stick with deeper tones to warm up my face. 

Anyway back to talking about my thoughts on the Garnier Olia...

 It comes with:

  • Colourant Cream 
  • Devoloper Cream
  • A Cute Applicator Bottle
  •  Instructions
  •  Black Gloves
  • After Colour Care Conditioner (which I've used before and loved)

Because I was doing a kind of root retouch and it was a similar-ish colour to my faded red I chose the "Root Regrowth" option from the instructions leaflet and applied the product to my roots for 20 minutes and then did my mid lengths and ends and left on for 10 minutes as instructed. The smell of the dye isn't too bad, I'm guessing because it doesn't have any Ammonia in it but it could be better. But then it is better than the sickly pomegranate smell that I'm used to with the Schwarzkopf hair dye. Also I think you do get more product than you do with other brands because one box did my whole head of hair and my hair is past my shoulders. You can tell it is an "oil powered" dye because you can feel it when it's on your head. It's strange. 

Once I'd rinsed off the dye which did take longer than usual, I applied the lovely smelling Olia After Care Conditioner and left on for around 5 minutes and rinsed away. I left my hair in my towel for about 15 minutes and then blow dried. I could tell my hair was a lot darker than I expected with not a lot of red in it at all. So I was a tad shocked at the difference from the box colour and the hair colour staring back at me in the mirror. It wasn't the colour I was expecting at all.

I'm writing this now, two days later. I washed my hair and deep conditioned yesterday and the remains of any hair dye has come out and the colour has settled more now. It's an nice, autumnal colour but still not the colour I was aiming for. When I'm near the sunlight the red tint shows up but most of the time it's just an dark brown. But for now I think I'm going to stick to it and I might grow to love it. But as you can tell on the before and after pictures below there's a big difference. My current hair colour shows no red even though it is supposed to be a lovely deep red colour.

 P.S I apologise for both of my hair pictures. The first picture is the unwashed hair before dying so it looks gross and the second picture is today and I literally just don't feel like doing anything with my natural, bedhead hair today tbh.

Before (faded Cherry Mahogany shade by Schwarzkopf)
After so called "Dark Garnet" shade by Garnier Olia

No Ammonia 
Unusual packaging inside (Gloves, Teardrop applicator)
Large amount of After Care Conditioner
A good colour for Autumn/Winter


Smell could be nicer
Price (Pricier than my usual dye)
Took a long time to wash out
Looks nothing like the hair colour on the box

Would I buy again? 

I may try a different shade sometime and see how that goes. But if that turns out a different colour again then definitely not!

So there's my review on the Garnier Olia range. If you've tried it before then what's your thoughts? Did the colour turn out wrong like mine? (lol) Thanks for reading! I seem to be on a roll today writing posts so a new post should be up either on Monday/Tuesday.

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So I know there's mixed feelings about Autumn for a lot people. But I love it. I know some of you reading this might think what, why? So I thought I'd write some things about I'd rather it over summer.
Here's my reasons why I adore Autumn so much:

The transition of colours
Mainly I love the leaves changing colour and falling and there's nothing more better than walking over a really crunchy leaf. Also I love changing up the colours of lipstick shades and nail polishes I wear more deeper colours.

The crisp air
Walking into crisp air definitely wakes me up and I think it feels quite refreshing.

Hot drinks taste so much better
Hot Chocolate? Yes please! It's true, hot drinks taste so much better and make you feel so much better when the weather gets colder.

Snuggly jumpers, fleece blankets and fluffy socks
I have already got some of my favourite comfy jumpers and cardigans at the ready for the cooler days. On the first of September I got all of my winter type tartan print scarves out too. So bring it on.

Buying new perfume and candles
I don't know if it's just me but I always tend to change the scent of perfumes I wear each season. So for Spring I like fresh, floral scents. Summer I like more fruity scents and in Autumn/Winter I like warm, rich, spicier scents. The same goes for candles. Is this just me? 

Halloween is just around the corner
I love Halloween. I like trying out more bold and some scary make up looks (but they always fail badly) and watching scary films.

New seasons of TV shows
I'm so excited for Once Upon A Time and American Horror Story and a few more shows that I can't think off the top of my head.

Feeling just generally cosy
I love getting that cosy, warm, fuzzy feeling.

Buying Christmas presents early
Uh yes I'm one of the crazy ones. I know some of you probably aren't even thinking or want to think about Christmas yet. But I do tend to buy a few around September/October just because I love Christmas shopping and if I see something in a sale and I know it's perfect for someone and it's saving me money then why not?

Extra bubbly bubble baths
Baths are just the same as hot drinks in the Autumn/Winter. They're just better. Nothing better than walking through your front door from the cold weather and having a nice hot bubble bath. My favourite thing to use for a treat is the Butterball or Butterbear bath bomb from Lush. Instant soft, moisturised skin. Yay!

So there's my reasons. Thanks for reading!

 What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

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