5 Things I Do To Relax And Take Time Out *

-This post is in collaboration with London Hearing Clinic and Harley Street ENT Clinic-
Taking time out is something we should all do, especially when we're feeling super stressed, whether it's due to our home life or work life or anything else we've got going on. If we don't take time out then it can affect our mental health and physical health very easily. So in this post, I'm talking about what I would say are my top 5 ways to just take a bit of time out and relax.

Making Sure I Get Out Of The House 
Because I work from home, I can get a bit stir crazy if I don't get out of the house and take a bit of a breather. However, with me having chronic pain, it means some days I literally can't leave the house because I'm in too much pain. But I do try and get out of the house when I really feel I need to, even if I'm having a bit of a flare up. When I feel I'm in need of a bit of a breather I tend to just visit my local shops, go for a drive in the car or even something super simple like having a little walk around my garden. 

Listen To Music
Music is definitely something I turn to a lot and if I'm feeling quite stressy or if I just need a pick me up then I'll pop one of my fave playlists on and just take some time out. I know sometimes people like to listen to super loud music when they're feeling stressed because they feel like it "blocks it out" but you do have to be careful as this can lead to your damaging your hearing. From a Tinnitus sufferer like myself and after many years of listening to my music too loud, I really do mean it when I say please don't do it! If you do already have issues with your hearing then you could look into booking an appointment at London Hearing Clinic for some help.

Have a Pamper Session
Having a pamper session when I've had a rubbish day always makes me feel better. I like to go all out and treat myself to a bath bomb bath, use my fave shower gel and usually one of my more luxurious face masks and I'll just stay in the bath for as long as possible. After I've had my bath I always make sure I moisturise my body allover because I find it works best after a hot bath and then I'll usually paint my nails too. It's almost like a ritual haha!

Knowing When To Say No and When To Relax
I think a big thing I've learned over the past year is learning when to say no or when something is just too much for me to handle if I've already got a lot going on. If you take on too much and overwork yourself, you'll probably end up making yourself unwell and then if you try and push yourself even more whilst you're feeling unwell, it could lead to something such as Tonsillitis or an Ear Infection, especially if you've been putting off a doctors visit. If you do suffer with reoccurring Ear, Nose and Throat problems then you could book an appointment to visit the Harley Street ENT Clinic where they offer diagnostic services, tests, and advice as well as being able to carry out a wide range of ear, nose and throat treatments on site.

Allowing Myself An Extra Few Hours Sleep!
Lastly is something so simple but works so well is allowing myself to have a lie-in when I feel it's needed or even a cheeky nap (which will no doubt turn into a few hours) in the afternoon is a good way to make yourself feel recharged. 

What things do you do to take "time out"?

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