How To Save Money On Your Heating Bill This Winter *

-This post is in collaboration with Woolfoot Heating-
Winter is definitely in full swing now and when winter comes around it usually means it's that time of the year we start to see our heating bill shoot up in price. In this post, I'm talking about some things you can do to help save on your heating bill this Winter.

If you live in an older building make sure you try and block out any draughts such as around your doors and windows. You can buy draught excluders and brush strips for your doors and you can buy weatherstripping tape which can help to make windows and doors less draughty too. Also, make sure that any hinges and latches on the doors around your home are properly secure and not loose as this can let draughts through aswell. 

If you have an older boiler then it might be time to start looking into getting an upgrade. Boilers that are 10+ years old waste a lot of valuable energy and they're just not as efficient as newer models. You can get a Boiler Installation in Leeds by Woolfoot Heating who can remove your old boiler and replace it with a newer model. They also come with a 12-year guarantee to keep your mind at ease. Also if you have a newer boiler, it usually means that your house insurance tends to be lower too. 

Another way in which you could save yourself money is by turning off radiators in rooms you don't use or use much. This will make your boiler work more efficiently and it also means the rooms you want to heat will heat up quicker too.

You should also try and keep your immediate area around you feeling super warm and cosy. You can do this by pulling the sofa(s) in your living room out away from the radiators so then the warmth from the radiators can get around the room more freely. Also, make sure you tuck any curtains above a radiator in your home behind the radiator, so then the warmth is getting in the room and not just heating up your windows. Adding to that,  don't forget to pull out any chunky knit cardigans or jumpers you've had knocking around in the back of your wardrobe during the summer. You could also make use of some of your fave summer clothes and you could team your favourite summer dress with a jumper, tights and some boots or a wear roll neck top underneath your fave pinafore styled dress just to switch it up a little.

Another must-have during the Winter is a hot water bottle so make sure you've got at least one hot water bottle in your home (I literally can't live without mine lol). You can buy a basic hot water bottle and you can also buy super long hot water bottles now that you can wrap around you too. Something else you could buy is an electric blanket for your bed to keep you extra warm and cosy at night and an electric throw blanket for your living room. I've literally just bought an electric throw blanket a few weeks ago and it's honestly a game-changer! They tend to be super cheap to run too, I'm talking literally pennies for hours worth of use.

Do you have any tips or tricks on saving money during the Winter?

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