Trying Mistatera 5% CBD Oil For My Chronic Pain and Anxiety *

-This post is in collaboration with Mistatera, all opinions are my own-
If you're a regular reader of my blog or if you follow me on my social media then you'll probably know that I suffer with chronic pain (which I think is due to suspected endometriosis) and I also have quite bad anxiety too. I've been using CBD oil since November last year after quite a few people recommended it to me and it's definitely been helping me over the past year. I've tried quite a few different brands and strengths and I'll admit, there's been some good ones and some not so great ones for a variety of reasons but overall I'm glad I discovered CBD in general and I can't be without it. Over the past couple of weeks I've switched out any of my usual CBD products and I've been using a CBD oil by Mistatera and putting it to the test. In this post I'm going to be talking about their brand, product and how I've been getting on with it.

They sent me over their 5% (500mg) CBD oil* which comes in a 10ml bottle to try out for myself. It's non-GMO, premium certified, eco and vegan friendly. It's also 100% safe, laboratory certified (you can view the certification on their website), it's made with full-spectrum cannabionoids and they offer 30 days money-back satisfaction guarantee too.

The oil comes in a nicely presented box with corresponding packaging and it also comes with both a sprayer and a dropper top in the box so you can decide what works best for you. You can use the sprayer for a more easier, casual approach or use the dropper for a more precise measurement. It's completely up to you! I'm personally a fan of using a dropper just because it's what I'm used to doing but I think it's great that they add in a sprayer automatically. I've literally not come across another brand who offer both options for one single bottle and you usually have to choose between either buying a dropper bottle or a sprayer bottle. So I think it's really handy and helpful for someone trying CBD oil for the first time.

Mistatera state that their CBD oil is a dietary supplement made from CO2 extracted hemp resin with full spectrum cannabinoids. If an oil is made with full cannabinoids it means that it will provide higher levels of relief rather than a CBD isolate which is why I always choose to use a full spectrum CBD so that it helps with pain relief and anxiety more and so that I know I'm getting my money's worth too. It's definitely something to look out for if you're new to buying CBD. The Mistatera CBD resin is dissolved in an organic coconut oil which is good because coconut is a known superfood as it's high in healthy saturated fats. Coconut oil can raise HDL cholesterol (known at the "good cholesterol") in your blood which is linked to reduced heart disease risk and boosted brain function. So it means that you're getting a little extra when you use Mistatera's CBD oil. 

The oil is 5% (500mg) in strength and contains less than 0.2 THC (which means it's within the legal EU limit and it won't get you high). 1 bottle contains 250 drops and 1 drop contains 2mg of CBD. The CBD is extracted from the finest industrial hemp and all of the ingredients are of plant origin. The first time I tried CBD oil it was a 5% strength and I definitely feel like it had to build up in my system for about a week before I started to notice a difference. But I honestly wouldn't be without CBD now because I find it does help with an array of my health problems from my chronic pain, anxiety, depression spells and also sleeping issues.

Mistatera recommend using one drop once a day as part as a balanced, varied diet and healthy lifestyle. It also should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and it's not suitable for children. They also recommend that you should use their CBD oil for 2-3 weeks without interruption to see and feel a difference - this includes getting a better night's sleep, waking up feeling more rested and less stressed and also for pain relief. Adding to that they advise using CBD oil for 3 months to see long term results (depending on condition and the reason why someone is using CBD). Everyday use should boost your functions and that will result in an increased energy level, getting a better night's sleep, reduced dizziness and overall happiness. It should also help to ease pain, anxiety and depression depending on your condition(s). 

The dosage depends on the individuals condition and his/her needs and I personally think that dosage depends on your size and weight too. I've figured out that I personally need between 4-6 drops per day usually to help with both my pain and anxiety. 

I've really enjoyed using Mistatera's CBD oil over the past two weeks and I've found that it's worked well to help ease my daily pain and also my anxiety. I think it's a great starter CBD oil for someone completely new to CBD because although it's got a natural CBD taste, it's hasn't the super strong and bitter taste like some I've tried in the past. I also think it's great that they include both a dropper top and sprayer so you can figure out which works best for you and your lifestyle. Adding to that I always say to people who are thinking about trying CBD to go for a 5% (500mg) because it's a good in the middle kind of amount to start with.

You can pick yourself a bottle of Mistatera's 5% (500mg) CBD via their website. It's usually priced at £49.99 but currently on offer for £39.27. Don't forget if you are planning on trying CBD for the first time then it is recommended to consult your doctor first.

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