New In From Lee Stafford!

Lee Stafford are one of my go-to brands for hair products which work well, don't break the bank and smell bloody gorgeous. They kindly sent over some of the recent releases and I've been testing them all out over the past couple of weeks...

The Heat Protection Blow Dry Cream* is a lightweight cream that aims to protect and shield your hair from heat and breakage. So it sounds great for someone like me who literally has to use a hairdryer every time I wash my hair because if I leave it to air-dry, I will literally wake up with my hair resembling a bird's nest. You just pop it in the palm of your hands and then apply to towel-dried hair on the mid-lengths and ends. I've really been enjoying using this and I definitely think my hair looks less frizzy and feels smoother when I use it. I also love the smell of both of the products in this post. I don't even know what the scent is but it's so nice and it also stays in your hair too which I personally really like and think is an added bonus. I do use a lightweight heat protection spray from Maui Moisture in my roots for added heat protection when using this too.

The Lee Stafford Hair Growth Protein Cream RPR £7.99* aims to repair your hair from the inside out. The intensive nutrient-rich protein treatment helps to rebuild and repair damaged hair to make it healthier, longer and stronger. You apply it the same way as the Blow Dry Cream but only use a pea-size amount (remember less is more when it comes to hair treatments!). I don't feel like I've seen an increase in my hair growth (yet anyway) but I do think my hair feels a bit stronger and it doesn't break as easy as it used to and I think it's down to the Protein Cream which I've been using a couple times per week. It also smells lush, just like the Blow Dry Cream!

A paddle brush is definitely essential for day to day use as they are great to detangle and smooth your hair. The Lee Stafford Smooth & Polish Paddle Brush RRP £10.99* can be used on wet or dry hair has a soft cushion to ensure comfortable styling. I really like the Lee Stafford Paddle Brush because it's a lot bigger than my current everyday brush and it means it's easier and quicker to brush and style my hair, which is handy when I'm having a bad pain day with my back because even brushing my hair hurts me. It also means that it gives a smoother and straighter finish if you use it when drying your hair too. 

The Lee Stafford Blow Out Brush RRP £12.99* is for creating big, bouncy hair which is great for adding some volume to your roots as well as for styling your hair. It has a soft-touch grip and seamless capped design which prevents your hair from snagging when styling, which is such a pet hate of mine when it comes to hairbrushes! A couple days before receiving the Blow Out Brush I picked up a new roll brush from B&M to give my roots some lift and to style my fringe to the side and it was pretty much ripping my hair out every time I used it. It just shows how the design of any brush you buy really does matter in how they affect and style your hair. The Blow Out brush is a great brush to give your roots some volume, which I definitely need fyi! and I can just about get away with using it to style my fringe too.

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  1. I love Lee Stafford products! I bought a few bits from his hair growth range for my mum as she struggles with growing her hair and it has honestly helped her so much! x