Tips On Saving Money For Christmas *

-This post is in collaboration with Morses Club, all opinions are my own-
I think it's safe to say that most of us get stressy around this time of the year when you all of a sudden realise we're super close to Christmas and there's still loads of things to plan and buy in time for the big day. In this post I've teamed up with Morses Club who have created an interesting infographic (see below) all about how people save and spend their money at Christmas. I'm also going to be sharing a few of my own tips that I've picked up along the way over the past couple of years.

Make Lists 
I love making lists in general but one thing that really excites me around this time of the year is making lists for Christmas! These lists includes food and drink to buy, people to buy for and also rough ideas on what to get them.  

Save Up and Start Early! 
I'm one of those people who starts buying Christmas presents pretty early. I think this year I bought my first Christmas gift in August because it was something that was on offer so I was like "Okay... it's happening". Obviously this means you might need to start saving up months before depending on the amount of people you need to buy for and the amount of food and drink you buy. However I do find that it tends to be less stressful and easier on my bank balance if I start around 3-4 months early because I can easily take off an amount of money from my monthly earnings without really noticing instead of rushing around at the beginning of December worrying if I have enough money and if everything I need to buy buy gift-wise is still available.

Take Out a Morses Club Loan (Representative 466.37% APR)
I also know people who have taken out Christmas loans to pay for the festive season. Obviously only do this if you know you have enough money to pay back the loan in the amount of time the company offers to pay it back in. But I do think loans are a good way to take the pressure off a little and give you a bit more time to get the money together, especially if you're one of those people who are running around like a headless chicken a few weeks before Christmas! Morses Club offer "doorstep cash loans" which you can apply for online.

Stick To Your Budget
I always give myself a budget at Christmas and make sure I stick to it. I usually give myself X amount of budget and then I stick another £50 on top just as back up money and then if I stick to my budget (which I always do) it kind of feels like I've got an extra £50 for nothing which I usually put towards any money I've saved for the sales. It's almost like a "well done you for sticking to the budget" gift to myself haha.

DIY Gifts and Decorations
Lastly is something I've been doing for around two years now which is making DIY gifts and decorations. I enjoy making decorations more than gifts personally but I do find it's quite fun to do in the run up to Christmas and it really puts me in a festive mood. I tend to just stick on a christmas film and crack on with it. I get my ideas from Pinterest and Youtube and my favourite youtuber for Christmas DIY ideas is Hermione Chantal.
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  1. These are great tips - I'm definitely going to take these on board for next year.
    Especially saving early on in 2020 xx