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 I know Glossier has been in the UK for a while now but I haven't done a stand-alone blog post about them for a long time and I thought I'd do an updated post and talk about what products I'd recommend buying from Glossier if you're only just getting around to trying them now as well as a few products that I found quite disappointing. 

The first product I've got to talk about is the Milky Jelly Cleanser which is my go-to cleanser no matter what my skin is doing. It's a cleanser that just leaves your skin feeling nicely cleansed but doesn't leave it feeling like it's been stripped of any good oils etc. It's not the best at removing makeup alone though. I tend to go in with my It Cosmetics Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm* first to get the majority of my makeup off and then go in with MJC afterwards. 

Another product from the skincare range that I love and can see a difference after using is the Bubblewrap Eye and Lip Plumping Cream which is definitely one of my favourite eye creams. I don't use it on my lips as it just feels a bit odd and almost drying for some reason (I think it's just me though). However, it works so well at lifting and refreshing the under-eye area and if you suffer with dark circles under the eyes like myself then it really does help to diminish it.

Glossier's You EDP is hands down my all-time favourite perfume and I'm yet to come across anything that smells remotely similar. They say it's a "personal fragrance" so it smells different to everyone. It contains base notes of musk, ambrette and ambrox that transform and smell different on everyone because it adapts to your skin chemistry and it has top notes of earthy green iris and spicy but fresh pink pepper. I've been using it for around 18 months and I'm still addicted to the scent! If you're in the market for a new perfume then I'd highly recommend adding the You EDP sample to your next order to see if you like it.

The Lash Slick Mascara is a nice lengthening mascara which is great to wear when you're having more of a natural or minimal makeup kind of day. It doesn't clump up on your lashes and it doesn't flake off throughout the day either. I also find the brush is handy to use if you're struggling with a clumpy mascara as helps to separate the lashes really well.

The Cloud Paint gel-cream blushers are what made me place my first ever Glossier order because I just loved the unique paint tube lookalike packaging and I'm still repurchasing years later. I currently have the shades Dusk and Puff as I feel like they're the shades that work best with my complexion and they're just so easy to use. When the product first comes out of the tube, it does look a bit scary as it looks like it's going to be super pigmented but it does sheer out easily upon application.

For many years Benefit's Gimme Brow was my go-to brow product but as soon as I used Boy Brow for the first time, it knocked Gimme Brow off the top spot. It's such a weird formula as it's kind of a creamy but waxy pomade but it works so well at fluffing up your brows and setting them in place. 

 If you prefer a highlighter that gives you more of a sheen or natural glow then I'm pretty sure you'd like Glossier's highlighters. I have Haloscope in the shade Quartz and Niteshine in the shade Pale Pearl from the Glossier Play range. Haloscope gives more of a sheen and Niteshine gives more of a natural glow. I also find applying them to your fingers and then tapping them onto your cheeks works better than applying them directly to your face, especially with Haloscope as it sometimes moves your base but they are definitely my most used highlighters and I love the look they give.

The Stretch Concealer is a great concealer for those minimal, natural makeup kind of days. I tend to wear it with my Bare Minerals Tinted Gel Cream* when I need a little more coverage under my eyes or to cover up any pesky spots. There's also a pretty good amount of shades to choose from and it just provides some extra coverage in a hydrating, glowy way.

And now onto the products that disappointed me...

I was so excited when Zit Stick came to the UK and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, I've used Zit Stick on two separate occasions and both times I've ended up getting really painful under the skin spots in the areas I've used it, which I'm sure isn't a coincidence? I think I'm going to try it one more time soon and if it happens again then it's going in the bin.

Solution sounded right up my street when it was released as it contains AHA, BHA and PHA and they claim it can transform the look of skin in four weeks. But unfortunately, it actually made my skin worse and I broke out like crazy. I tried to stick it out for a couple of weeks as I thought maybe my skin was going through "purging" but it was getting worse after each application. It also made my skin feel as though it was burning/tingling almost every time I applied it too, which definitely made me think I was having some sort of reaction. It does have quite mixed reviews so it may work for you and it may not. But I personally wouldn't try it again.

So there's my little Glossier round-up. I have tried more products from them but I didn't want to make the blog post even longer. Also a lot of the other products that I could've featured kind of fall into the "they're just okay" kind of bracket. 

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  1. I can't believe I still don't have anything from Glossier! I've heard good things about the cleanser and cheek paints x

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk