Do Weighted Blankets Really Work? | Trying Mela Comfort's 7KG Blanket For Anxiety, Sleeping Issues and Chronic Pain

I have quite bad anxiety and when it's bad, it's really bad, my sleeping issues kind of vary depending on my anxiety levels and then obviously I have my chronic back and pelvic pain joining in on the party too. I've been toying with the idea of trying a weighted blanket for a couple of months but they are quite expensive for what is essentially a blanket. However last month, I decided to buy a weighted blanket from Mela Comfort because I found a good deal on Amazon that I just couldn't pass up. On the website, it's priced at £144.99, however at the time on Amazon it was £94.97 (including free postage) which is still quite pricey but better than the RRP.

Mela Comfort also give you a 100-night trial with fuss-free returns which is great, obviously, if you buy through Amazon then that changes things a little because they have their own returns channel so ideally, you would return via Amazon within 30 days for free.  But if it goes over the 30 day return policy then you can contact Mela and then they will send out a courier to collect the blanket (I'm not sure if this is free or not though).

They also donate a portion of every sale to Mental Health America & B1G1 which is obviously fab and it's nice to know that your purchase helps people in need. Another thing which I found out before buying from Mela is that if you do decide to return your blanket for whatever reason they don't resell their used goods, instead they donate any returned blankets to their housing shelter charity partner.

I've been using my blanket for almost a full month and I feel like I can give you my full review and kind of pros and cons about it now as I know quite a few people were asking me to do a review when I said I was getting one.

Because of my chronic pain issues, I'm usually glued to a hot water bottle or a heating pad of some kind, even in the summer. So prior to buying their weighted blanket I had a look on their FAQs about using heated products near the blanket. It doesn't say anything about hot water bottles but it does say you can use an electric blanket under the weighted blanket but you may get hot. However, in one of the leaflet/guides which come in the box, it says to avoid using direct heat sources as it could damage the glass pellets inside. So it's kind of saying one thing on the website and then something else in the guide which threw me off a bit. I still use my hot water bottle with the blanket but if it's a fresh hot water bottle, I tend to cover it with a cushion just to stop it being in direct contact with the blanket. The blanket is also is noisier than your normal bedding or blanket. I'm not going to lie, it did annoy a bit on the first few days but now I'm kind of used to it. It's kind of a rustly noise, similar to a sleeping bag. 

Onto the pros... I like that the blanket is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, some other weighted blankets which are priced at a similar price, literally look like a sleeping bag and just don't look very nice IMO. I like to try and make my room look and feel super cosy and the cover of the blanket definitely fits into my decor. It's also super soft which adds to the whole cosy vibes too. I do wish you could buy the minky cover that comes with the blanket on its own but apparently, you can't, which I think is a bit weird to be honest because what if you accidentally spill something on it and stain it or if it starts getting a little worn after you've owned the blanket for a while. You can buy other covers to fit the weighted blanket but they are more for the summer as they're lightweight and breathable.

I feel like the blanket has been helping with my sleeping to a certain extent, I still struggle to fall asleep but I sleep for longer amounts of time, I feel more well-rested when I wake up and I find the blanket quite comforting, especially when I'm having a bad day with my pain or anxiety. Talking of my anxiety, I feel like the majority of the time, the blanket helps but there have been a few times when I've been in a bad anxiety spell and I've felt like the blanket is suffocating me a little. So for me personally it's kind of hit and miss. The one thing I'm shocked about is that I think the blanket has been helping my pain a bit. When my pelvic pain is flaring or just a little angry, I tend to get quite bad upper leg pain and it can go from feeling like a heavy, dull thudding ache to feeling like electric shocks and since I've been using the blanket, the leg pain has definitely reduced, even though I have had a couple of bad pelvic pain flares over the past month. It's also completely stopped my restless legs which I get when my anxiety is bad which is great because I always joke that I kick my legs out like a donkey when it's bad. My back pain has also been a tad better recently but I think that's because I've been watching my posture and making sure I rest when I feel I need to.

Overall I do think the blanket is worth it and it has helped me and I think it's been a good investment for my health but if the price is what's putting you off trying a weighted blanket, don't forget to shop around first and see if you kind get it cheaper on Amazon or find a promo code.

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