Is Dermalogica's New Biolumin-C Eye Serum Worth Buying?

-If a product is marked with a * then it was PR/Gifted to me. This post contains no paid content-
Dermalogica recently released their Biolumin-C Eye Serum* which they very kindly sent me to try out as part of their #skinfluencer programme. I've been using it for about two weeks now, usually in the morning and I feel like I've tried it long enough to talk about give my overall thoughts. 

The Biolumin-C Eye Serum contains peptides which have proven to make your skin's texture and elasticity better. It also contains vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant which fights skin damage and helps to brighten the skin. As well as natural ingredients such as Papain (from papaya) which gently exfoliates, Arjun tree extract which is a natural antioxidant, mushroom extracts and micro-algae which are nutrient-rich and provide moisture. Sounds pretty great, right?

It has an easy to use applicator which you can use directly on your skin or you can apply the eye serum to your ring finger and tap it in, which I usually do. The product itself has a citrusy orange scent which kind of reminds me of the Origins GinZing range which I find is really good first thing in the morning as it kind of wakes up your senses a bit. The serum is also really lightweight and sinks into your skin quickly which is great if you're in a rush first thing in the morning and it doesn't affect your makeup either. I've used it underneath a tinted moisturiser, a super creamy concealer, as well as some heavy concealers and foundations and they all worked like they normally do. I can also see a difference between the before and after using it, depending on how bad my under eye circles/darkness is and I think it really helps to reduce puffiness too.

The only thing that kind of puts me off the eye serum is the fact that it's £63 for 15ml. I understand it contains some scientific ingredients which have proven results but it's just out of my price range as something I can afford on the regular. However, if I did have a spare £63 I would repurchase because I do like it and I think it does what it claims to do pretty well.

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