3 Products From Pixi I've Never Tried Before

-If a product is marked with a * then it was PR/Gifted to me. This post contains no paid content-
Pixi are definitely one of my go-to brands, particularly when it comes to skincare. I received a lovely PR parcel from them just before Christmas and three of the products in the parcel I'd never tried before so I've been using them over the past month to see if they work for me and whether I think they're worth giving a try. So here are my thoughts...

The Glow Mist RRP £16* aims to give you a glowy, luminous and smooth complexion. Packed with skin-boosting ingredients such as Propolis Extract for antioxidant purposes, Rose Flower Oil to soothe and hydrate and Lavender Oil to calm, it's a really nice refreshing light mist that doesn't attack you when you spray it like some "calming" mists do lol. It also works really well as a setting spray for your makeup if you're going for a radiant glowy look. I was a bit worried about it making my already oily skin look a lot oiler but it doesn't. It works in a more natural glowy way and it also smells really nice too (I think it's the Propolis), so it's a thumbs up from me! I like to use it when I'm having a natural, glowy makeup kind of day or just as something to refresh my skin throughout the day, especially if I've been sitting at my laptop working for hours.

The Rose Ceramide Cream RRP £24* is something I've been debating on trying for a while because it sounds so nice but my skin is sometimes a little iffy with heavy creams and moisturisers. However, just recently my skin has been enjoying a heavier moisturiser, particularly at night, which is weird considering how oily my skin is. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to try out the Rose Ceramide Cream whilst it's going through this weird phase. My skin has been really enjoying me using it as a night cream. It contains Rose Flower Oil which provides nourishment, Ceramide which provides time-release moisture as well as probiotics to protect and balance your skin and it also sinks into your skin pretty quickly considering how rich the formula is. It's definitely a moisturiser I'm going to turn to when my skin is feeling a bit dry.

I was really excited to try the LipLift Max in Petal Ice RRP £12* because it's another product I had on my beauty wishlist to buy and try soon. It's a lip plumping lip gloss which is infused with peptides and there are 5 shades to choose from in total. But Petal Ice is clear so you can wear either on its own or over the top of a lipstick. It also contains aloe which helps to heal, jojoba which aims to moisturise and chamomile which is obviously nice and soothing. Because the lip gloss/treatment has been made to plump your lips, it has that minty, tingling, cooling feeling when you apply it but it's not too much. It also isn't super sticky which is obviously a good thing when it comes to a gloss but weirdly I find that when I take it off, it leaves my lips feeling quite sticky, which is kind of odd but it's nothing a bit of lip balm won't sort out. Overall, it's a nice lip plumping gloss/treatment and if you don't like glosses that really tingle and almost sting but still want a gloss that's going to plump up your lips a little then I would recommend giving this one a try!

Have you tried any of the products above? If so, what did you think about them?
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  1. That glow mist sounds good! I love using mists at the moment it really helps soothe the skin.