Six Things On My April To-Do List *

-This post is in friendly collaboration with Mister Spex-
 March has been a funny old month so far because there's been a lot of things going on in my life, some of which have resolved themselves already and some are things which I just know are going to be following me into April and they're the type of things that I have no control over and I just don't know where I stand with them, so it's safe to say that I've been feeling quite stressed recently and it's meant I just haven't been feeling up to or been able to do most things I've wanted to get done in March mainly because I've been struggling quite bad with my anxiety. So I've decided to put together a little to-do list for April and share it on my blog because I enjoy reading monthly to-do lists on other people's blogs and I also feel like sharing it on here might give me a push to complete all or most of the things on it. So here is what I'm planning to do in April...

Spring Clean
First up is to spring clean the house because I always like to do a good spring clean around this time of the year and to be honest, I find it quite therapeutic so it might actually help me and my anxiety. I'm also looking forward to making the whole house smell like Method's Wild Rhubarb all-purpose cleaner too (if you know, you know haha).

As well as doing a spring clean, I'm also planning on decluttering a lot of areas in the house. Especially the bathroom and my bedroom because obviously being a beauty blogger means I have a lot of excess beauty products so I'm going to be sorting through everything and then I'm going to be giving products to family and friends as well as donating some to the local charity shops if the products are brand new. I'm also going to be doing a giveaway in April too, so keep a lookout for that! As well as decluttering my beauty overflow, I know there's a lot of clothes which I kept during my last declutter that I haven't worn or have barely worn since so I'm going to be probably adding some things to my Depop too. Although it's a pain when you're in the midst of decluttering, I do find it really lifts a weight off your shoulders once you've finished it, I guess it kind of feels like you're getting rid of excess baggage.

Book an Eye Test
I know I'm due to have an eye test and I need to make sure I book it in for April or else I'm never going to get around to doing it. I know I'm definitely going to be needing some new reading glasses because I can just tell that my eyes have changed since my last eye test but what I'm most looking forward to is buying some spare reading glasses (because I'm always putting my prescription ones down and losing them!). So I'm planning on getting some basic square-framed glasses like what I usually choose from my opticians and then treating myself to some fancier looking ones from Mister Spex so then I know I always have a back-up pair at hand.

Book a Dentist Appointment 
I haven't been to the dentist in a long time after a bad experience during a routine appointment and you may have seen on my insta stories recently that I woke up one morning to really bad toothache which lasted for around a week but it thankfully settled before I booked an emergency appointment! However, I've realised I really need to just put on my big girl pants and just go to the dentists. I already know that I'm going to probably end up having some fillings so I think the fact that I know I'm going to have to have some work done kind of helps in a way. But yeah, the plan is the book an appointment in April (probably once I've got my eye test out of the way).

Change Up My Hair
I'm not 100% sure on this one yet but I think I want to do something different with my hair. I don't know whether to change the colour or whether to get some layers to add some choppiness and texture. It's quite blunt at the moment and I'm just a bit bored of how it looks both naturally and when it's styled but at the same, I'm kind of enjoying the length it is at the moment.

Do Something Memorable For My Birthday
Lastly is to do something memorable for my 26th birthday which is towards the end of April. I'm not talking about throwing myself out of a plane or doing a bungee jump or anything like that haha. But I just want to do something that I can look back on and think "I remember doing that or going there on my 26th birthday". Obviously, it kind of depends on how my chronic pain is being but I'm hoping to loosely plan something for my birthday, it's also helpful that it's landed on a Saturday this year too.

What are your plans for April? 

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