All About Evo Pure 3% CBD Hemp Oil

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If you've been following my blog for a couple of years then you'll probably know that I have chronic pain (lower back/pelvic area/suspected endometriosis) as well as anxiety. I've been using CBD to help with both for almost 18 months now and it's personally really helped me and I think it's a great product to try if you're wanting to go down a natural route when it comes to trying to relieve/help with health problems. I'm personally not too fussed whether I use natural products or prescribed medications to help with my pain and anxiety but I am allergic to a lot of OTC pills (including NSAID's) which makes it difficult when it comes to finding effective pain relief. In today's post, I'm talking about newly founded Evo Pure and their 3% Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil RRP £24.99* which I've been trying out for a couple of weeks now to see how it works for my chronic pain and anxiety. 

Their broad spectrum hemp oil is extracted from organically grown EU hemp grown using sustainable farming practices which is obviously a good thing to know. It's also made using the whole plant for it's "entourage effect" and is never taken from CBD isolate so it won't get you "high" but it still has all of the good parts of the plant which can help with things such as inflammation, anxiety, sleeping issues, period pain and more. It's also non-GMO and contains no preservatives or artificial colours.

With it being a "full spectrum" CBD hemp oil it means it contains combinations of CBG, CBN and CBC which all work together for increased effectiveness. 

Let's talk about taste because I know the taste of CBD is what puts people off or stops people giving it a proper chance. The Evo Pure CBD does have a slightly bitter earthy taste like a lot of CBDs oils do but it's not super strong and the taste doesn't linger for ages like some CBD oils I've tried before. Also if you do happen to buy and try any CBD oil and it has a strong taste then you could pop it in a strong cup of tea or coffee to disguise the taste (I've done this before and it still works the same!). Evo Pure even have some recipe guides on their FAQs section.

Overall I've found the 3% Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil has worked well for my anxiety and believe me, it's been put to the test over the past couple of weeks because life has been a bit crazy recently. But I wouldn't use the 3% oil on it's own when I'm having a really bad day with my chronic pain as it just doesn't seem to help a huge amount. I've come to the conclusion that on my bad pain days I definitely need to opt for at least a 5% CBD oil or more. However, please bear in mind that my pain is chronic so it's harder to manage over say having achy muscles after a gym workout for instance. So I think it's a good starter if you're thinking about trying CBD for yourself and it's good that they also offer free UK delivery on all orders.

Have you tried CBD before?

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