What To Do If A Toy You Own Has Been Recalled *

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What to do if a toy you own has been recalled
When your child has a strong attachment to a particular toy, it’s a wonderful thing to see. They’ll probably take it everywhere with them and love nothing more than being tucked up in bed with it at night. But, what happens when that toy needs to be recalled? 
Getting your child to give the toy up is one thing. But what happens now? Toys getting recalled is more common than you might think - see magnetic toy recalls - yet very few of us actually know what to do when the process begins. Need a little more information? Read on to find out what to do if a toy you own has been recalled.
Don’t panic
The idea of your child playing with something that is dangerous or could potentially harm them is a worrying time. The best thing to do at this stage is not to panic!
Remove the toy
Again, easier said than done, right? But you need to remove the toy from your child’s toy box immediately. There might be tears and angry words, but it’s for the best. 
Head to the manufacturers' website
When a toy has been recalled, you're going to need more information about what to do, why it has been recalled and what your next steps are going to be. To do this, you'll need to head to the manufacturers' website or check out the CPSC (consumer product safety commission) website for further details.
What information do I need?
By law, the manufacturers of a recalled toy must provide certain information. Including, a full description of the toy, their address as well as information of retailers who may have stocked the product in question, what the issue actually is, the risk of injury, whether this recall has been initiated due to issues in testing or a consumer complaint. 
What are my options?
When you return the faulty toy, you have several options that the manufacturer can provide you with. They can either offer you a full refund. They can repair the issue and then return the item back to you. Or, they may give you a new version of the product that no longer has the issue. The severity of the safety issue will probably dictate what options are available to you at this point so make sure you check the manufacturers' website regularly for updates. 
What if my child is injured?
If your child has been injured by a defective toy then they must receive medical attention straight away. Even if the injury is minor, they should see a doctor. Only a medical professional will know if the injury has the potential to get worse over time. Also, if you decide to pursue a personal injury case, then the medical report will give weight to your claim.
Seek legal counsel Defective and dangerous products are frightening, even more so if they’re in the hands of children. So, if you believe that they’re the victim of a defective product then you should see legal counsel as soon as possible. 
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