Ways I'm Planning To Update My Bedroom Later This Year *

-This post is in collaboration with beds.net-
Although it's not been long since I "revamped" my bedroom a little by painting it a warm teal colour after many years of it being a dark purple colour and also changing up my gallery wall, I'm now thinking of other ways I want to change my bedroom which I'm planning on doing later in the year. So in this post, I'm talking about the three main things I'm planning on changing in my room and why. 

First up on my list is buying a new bed. I definitely need a new bed because I feel like my current bed isn't working well for my chronic pain and it's also a little bit dated and doesn't really suit my bedroom. Obviously, you really need to think about what your priorities are before buying a new bed. Do you need storage space? What kind of mattress do you think would work for you? What size do you want or need? What colour do you go for? and things like that. If like me, you're planning on buying a new bed soon then beds.net have put together an infographic which I have put at the end of this post to help give you ideas of things you need to consider before purchasing your ideal dream bed.

I'm currently thinking about getting a White Leather Divan Bed with drawer storage because my current bed is a divan and I love it because it has 4 big drawers and I've got so much storage space which I definitely need because although my bedroom isn't exactly small, it's an awkward shape so it makes it hard in terms of where I can and can't put furniture and things like that. I also think the white leather will look nice against my feature wall and it would just blend nicely into my room.

Something else that I wasn't actually too bothered about until literally the other day is buying some new furniture for my bedroom. There's nothing particularly wrong with the furniture I have but I just happened to be looking for a new bedside table online because mine is looking a bit worse for wear on the top because of scratches, heat marks from hot drinks when I haven't used a coaster (oops!) and etc and I stumbled across a bedroom furniture set which I really like the look of and I think it would look better than the oak-effect ones I currently have. It's kind of got a mid-century look about it which I'm loving right now too. 

I'm also thinking about having herringbone wood flooring in my bedroom because I just think it looks really nice and it really adds something to a room and gives it that cosy vibe. I currently have laminate flooring which is fine but I'm not super keen on the colour (I never really have been since it went down to be honest!) and I just think if I'm going to change my flooring and go through the rigmarole of it all then I might as well change it to something I really like and want.

Are you planning on doing any updates to rooms in your house this year? 
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