Chocolate-y Products In Time For Easter From Upcircle Beauty!

-If a product is marked with an * then it was PR/gifted to me. This post contains no paid content but does contain an affiliate link-
Upcircle are a 100% natural, cruelty-free brand who are also sustainable and vegan friendly too. They use leftover natural ingredients that would otherwise be going to landfill and bring them back to life by creating beauty products your skin will love. I really like that they are a small business doing big things in the world of beauty. 

I was kindly sent over a couple of products to try out and given what's going on in the world right now, I'm not only eating a lot of chocolate, I've also found myself starting to use a lot of chocolate-y products too (kind of strange, I know) but I think it's just a comfort kind of thing I'm going through right now to be honest haha. So I chose two products that contain Cacao which are the Coffee & Cacao Body Scrub RRP £14.99* and their Chocolate Charcoal Soap Bar RRP £6.99*.

The first product I'm going to be talking about is their Chocolate Charcoal Soap Bar* which smells absolutely delightful which is why I put in the title how these products would be good to treat yourself or someone else to this upcoming Easter. The best way to describe the smell is spicy dark chocolate - it's so nice! You can use the soap on both your face and your body and it contains activated charcoal which draws out toxins and tightens pores and Cacao extract which boosts circulation and brightens up your skin. It's also made with residual chai spices used to create chai syrup. I've used this on both my face and body, but mainly on my face and it is a really nice facial soap that leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed. With it being a soap bar and also containing ingredients which tighten your pores, it does leave your skin feeling a little bit tight after use but as long as you have a nice, nourishing moisturiser to put on afterwards, it's completely fine and I've already seen some improvements in my skin since using it and I'm not breaking out ~as much~ anyway which is pretty good going considering the amount of junk food I've been eating recently. I can imagine this being a good product to use if struggle with acne on your body with it being exfoliating and detoxifying. Also if you're struggling to get your hands on soap, particularly if you're cruelty-free/vegan then I would 100% recommend picking up one of the soap bars from UpCircle. It turns out that a simple soap bar is one of the most effective ways to combat a virus because it dissolves a virus' structure (find out more here). Also, something else I've noticed since switching to a bar of soap to wash my hands is that my hands haven't been drying out as bad! So it's a win-win.

I also chose the Coffee & Cacao Body Scrub* to try because it sounds right up my street. It's made with repurposed coffee grounds from artisan London cafes and contains sea salt, palmarosa and coconut oil. It's also blended with shea butter which moisturises the skin post-scrub. I'm not going to lie when I think of a coffee body scrub, I think eurgh sounds messy but it's actually no messier than a normal body scrub and rinses off your skin easily, I think the fact it contains coconut oil and shea butter helps with this too. Talking of oils, after using the scrumptious smelling scrub, you could definitely go without moisturising your skin if you had to or can't be bothered to because the oils leave a nice amount of nourishment behind. The high levels of antioxidants can help with minimising the appearance of the signs of ageing too. Overall I think it's a lovely scrub to use and it's definitely a good product to use to wake you up in the morning with the strong coffee scent. At first, it smells more like coffee than coffee and chocolate but once you start rubbing the scrub against your skin, the chocolate-y smell comes through too. 

(Kind of a weird "swatch" photo I know but I wanted to show you what the scrub looks like)

I also received two samples in my parcel of their the Face Moisturiser and Cleansing Face Balm but I haven't got around to trying them just yet but I'll do a mini-review over on my insta stories when I try them out, so keep a lookout for that.

If you're interested in buying any of the products above or fancy seeing what other products Upcircle offer then you can get £10 off your first order (min spend £15) by using my affiliate link here. You also get free UK Shipping on orders over £20.

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