Paul Mitchell Dream Texture Invisblewear Trio Review


In a blog post back in January I talked about how I want to change up what I talk about a little in terms of beauty and lifestyle and not just be known mainly as a "skincare blogger" because although I do love my skincare and talking about new in products and brands, I also want to talk about other beauty products and lifestyle topics too. So when I got an email about Paul Mitchell's Dream Texture Invisiblewear range, I was really intrigued and thought it would fit in well on my blog and the new structure. I also like the fact that they are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly too.

I don't think I've actually tried anything from Paul Mitchell before so I was excited to give the products a whirl as soon as they arrived because my hair is definitely in need of some help. If I leave it to its own accord, it's just a wavy, frizzy, flat-on-the-roots mess.

The Invisiblewear Dream Texture Trio contains the Invisiblewear Air Gel*, Invisiblewear Velvet Cream* and Invisiblewear Cloud Whip* (all available to buy separately) and each product has been designed to effortlessly create texture, volume and definition.

The first product I tried from the range is the Invisiblewer Velvet Cream* (RRP £21.95) which they claim smoothes and tames your hair with a feather-light definition. It also has a really nice fresh, clean scent which I like a lot. You apply a small amount to damp hair (I would say I use two pea-sized blobs) and then blow-dry or leave your hair to air dry to get a nice, smooth but textured result. This has actually become my new go-to hair product to use after I've washed my hair because it works sooo well and my hair always looks and feels smoother than usual but with a nice amount of definition going on too. I love it and I've already made quite a dent in the tube because I've been using it that often! I will 100% be picking it up again once I run out.

Next up from the trio is the Invisblewear Cloud Whip* (RRP £21.95) which is an unusual texture with it being a whipped formula and not something I've come across before from any other hair brand but the whipped formula is what makes it lightweight which is great if you have greasy or thin hair. You can use it on both damp and dry hair to add definition and it dries down quickly and doesn't leave any sort residue or crispiness to your hair like some products can do. I've been using this on second-day hair if I've curled my hair or if I'm trying to make my messy bun hair look less crazy when it's down and to add some definition once the curls have dropped a little. It does definitely help to a certain extent and if you hate the feeling of product in your hair but want a lived-in textured look then this might be something for you to try. 

Lastly is the Invisiblewear Air Gel* (RRP £21.95) which again is an unusual formula because it's almost like jelly and not like your standard gel hair product. You can use it on wet or dry hair and you can also revive the product by using their Boomerang Restyling Mist on your second-day hair. The aim of the product is to add volume and piecey texture with a light, touchable hold. Once again, it doesn't leave any sort of residue, crispiness or stickiness. I've used it twice and I personally think this product would suit someone who has got either shorter hair or hair which has a lot of layers. I have only used it when I've curled my hair and then I've run the product through my hair to see how it works with curls and it works okay holding the curls but it's not wowed me enough to want to pick it up again.

Have you tried any of the products above? If so, what did you think? I'm definitely intrigued to try more products from Paul Mitchell after trying these.

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