Finding New and Vintage Clothes From The Comfort Of Your Own Home *

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In this day and age, finding new clothes from the comfort of your own home has never been easier. However, in today's post, I'm talking about different places and ways you might be able to pick up a vintage gem or a bargain designer look-a-like you missed out on a few seasons ago, as well as other items of clothing you may be on the hunt for right now that you might not be able to afford to pay for in full right away. 

How To Drop On Some Vintage Pieces 
There are so many vintage clothing groups around, particularly on Facebook where you can drop on some lovely vintage clothing or accessories such as bags, jewellery and more. I feel like vintage clothing is definitely making a comeback and is cool to have in your wardrobe these days. From big collars, cute granny looking cardigans (as I like to call them) and to 50s/60s dresses and skirts which I really like the look of. Facebook is definitely the place to go for vintage as a lot of independent vintage stores tend to be quite pricey.

Consider The Buy Now, Payer Later Option
If you've got your heart set on a certain piece of clothing or fancy doing a little clothing haul for the upcoming warmer season but can't afford to pay the total amount straight away then you could use a buy now pay later clothing catalogue which I personally think is really handy, especially as someone who is always waiting on invoices to be paid because you can distribute the cost over a longer amount of time but still get your goods before they potentially go out of stock. You can also sometimes find both clothing and other items cheaper online at places such as Studio, Fashion World and Very that are in well-known high street stores for a higher amount. 

Buying and Selling Groups 
This one is kind of similar to the vintage groups you can join on Facebook but there are a lot of buying and selling groups on Facebook. Some are groups with members that are willing to send you the item but there are most likely local groups that are willing to drop-off the item or for you to pick it up from them.

A Different Way To Use Instagram...
Something else which I literally see almost daily on my Instagram stories is people doing clothing sales of their clothes that they're either not wearing anymore or haven't worn at all and are just trying to make space in their wardrobe. 

Get Depop-ing
Lastly is Depop which I've been using on/off for a couple of years now as both a buyer and seller and have had both good and bad experiences during that time. I can guarantee you that you will get cheeky messages from people if you upload a lot of sought after pieces but stand your ground if they're being super cheeky. However, you can also drop on some really good bargains on Depop and you can usually drop on pieces that may have been a big hype in recent months on Depop for a cheaper price.

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