Let Your Hair Know How Sorry You Are With Lee Stafford's Hair Apology Range

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Lee Stafford's latest range Hair Apology has been created to deeply nourish and repair damaged, overprocessed hair. My hair is definitely in need of some TLC right now, I've also recently noticed that I've got quite a lot of breakage from when I've been having my hair up in a messy bun (which is most of the time) which isn't ideal. Obviously, there's not a lot I can do about that apart from wearing my hair in a different way but I thought the Hair Apology range might help to repair and smooth those areas. There's an array of products in the range to choose from Shampoo, Conditioner, a 10-in-1 Leave-in Treatment Spray, Power Shots Capsules and a 4-pack of Intensive Care Masks. I was kindly sent the whole range to try out and I thought it was about time to let you know my verdict.

The Hair Apology Intensive Care Shampoo RRP £8.49* has the what I call signature Lee Stafford product scent which I'm obsessed with. It's also sulphate-free so they advise you should shampoo your hair twice with it being such a gentle shampoo which respects your hair and scalp's natural moisture levels. The first cleanse loosens any dirt and grime in your hair and the second cleanse rinses out excess dirt and grime and gives you that clean feel lather. I do like this shampoo but I'll be totally honest I only use it when I feel like I can be bothered to shampoo twice (lol). I like a shampoo that lathers up from the get-go and this one doesn't. I guess it depends on your personal preference on what you want to use on your hair in terms of ingredients.

The Hair Apology Intensive Care Conditioner RRP £8.49* is definitely a stand out product from the range. It's super nourishing but it's also lightweight which means it doesn't weigh your hair down which is great if you have quite greasy roots like me. It leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable and the lovely scent also sticks around after using it too which I'm definitely not complaining about!

The 10-in-1 Leave-In Treatment Spray RRP £11.99* is a multitasking treatment that you can use in multiple different ways. I've mostly been using it on damp hair prior to blowdrying my hair just so that it gives my hair some extra protection and to help it look and feel smoother. I also use it on my mid-lengths and ends some nights just to give my hair a bit of an intensive treatment overnight. I really like it! I do feel like you should take the less is more approach when you first start using it though as it does also make your hair look shiny, so if you use a little too much at first, it can make your hair look greasy.

The Intensive Care Booster Masks x4 RRP £8.49* come in a set of 4 and are ideal to use as an added step in your Hair Apology routine on a weekly basis. I've only used one mask so far but I do feel like it's a nice in-shower step which helped my hair to feel softer and more manageable after I'd blowdried my hair. I also like that you can put the cap back on the tube which is handy if you have shorter hair and don't need to use the whole tube per treatment.

The Intensive Care Power Shots x15 RRP £14.99* come in a pot containing 15 capsules and should be used on towel-dried hair. Each capsule contains a powerful dose of Keratin and Silk, the serum also has heat-protecting properties and helps to make your hair look glossy, control frizz and improve texture and manageability. The capsules are also biodegradable which is obviously great in this day and age. These are definitely the stand-out product for me from the whole range. I think I've used maybe 4 capsules so far and every single time I've been shocked by the results. My hair looks a lot smoother (and showing less visible breakage), straighter and more manageable. They do sound on the pricier side at £14.99 per pot but I would definitely buy again.

Have you tried anything from the Hair Apology range?

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  1. Oh my gosh I neeeeed this range in my life! I've been trying to get my curly hair back to health after straightening it for 8 years! This looks like it would be perfect for me!
    Chloe X

  2. These look amazing. My hair has definitely seen better days and is in desperate need of some love. I'll have to give these products a go!