Cute Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers From Kitty Cats Joy! *

-This post is in collaboration with Kitty Cats Joy-
 You might have noticed from the Instagram stories of my cats just chilling around the house and the array of cat-related homeware bits I have in my blog photos, I'm a bit of a crazy cat lady. I do like dogs too (just as an FYI) but I've always grown up with at least one cat in my life and I've never owned a dog. So when Kitty Cats Joy got in touch to tell me about their small art and gift business and what they have to offer, I couldn't say no to working with them.

There's a variety of items to choose from on their website from mugs, phone cases, art prints, stickers, cards and even placemats for your cat(s) which can be personalised and more. They kindly let me choose two items from their online store to review and talk about in this post so I chose the Cat Breeds Illustration Mug Starting from RRP £12.31* and the matching Cat Breeds Shopper Eco Tote Bag RRP £16*.

I'm a bit of a mug collector, I don't know why I just like a nice mug to drink from and sometimes just seeing a cute print or a motivating quote on a mug can cheer you up when you're having a rubbish day. Kitty Cats Joy sells multiple different mug designs, including personalised mugs. However, I chose the Cats Breeds Illustration Mug priced at £14.95 (11oz) or £17.95 (15oz) because I wanted something that represents all four of my cats as I have a ginger and white cat called Charlie, an almost-senior tortoiseshell called Minnie, A big white fluffy tom called Ozzy (who was a local stray and now both us and our neighbour look after him so he's gone from being homeless to having not one but two homes haha) and lastly is the latest addition Rory who is a tuxie and completely bonkers.

The ceramic mug is what I would call the perfect size to make a nice cup of tea or coffee (two sugars and milk for me!). It's also dishwasher safe and microwave friendly which is handy and I really like that the glossy cat artwork wraps all around the mug too. I just think it's super cute and definitely a mug I'm going to be reaching for a lot. You can tell it's good quality too but it's not super heavy which I personally like because I hate using a heavy mug as I struggle to hold them when I'm having a weak day with my chronic pain.

The Cat Breeds Shopper Eco Tote Bag RRP £16* I chose from the selection of tote bags available is made from 100% certified organic cotton and 3/1 twill which makes it super eco-friendly. Not only is the illustration super cute and eye-catching, it's also a decent-sized bag and is a perfect size for an essential shopping trip with a weight limit of 30lbs (13.6kg). The measurements are 16” x 14 ½” x 5” with 1" dual straps and 24 1/2" length. It feels really good quality and not like something you pick up on the high street for a few pounds at the checkout that will inevitably rip once you've used it a few times. If you're in the market for a new sturdy tote bag then I would recommend checking these ones out.

If you're a cat lover or know a crazy cat person like me then I would definitely recommend checking Kitty Cats Joy out! I'm already thinking about picking up a few more things from the site including one of the custom pet food placemats for my fur babies and the Ginger Cat Pattern cushion cover which is so adorable.

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