All About The Selfie Bag From Cotton Bag Co.

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Cotton Bag Co. have created the ultimate eye-catching bag (get it?) to use on the go which has all the essentials you need for a good selfie. Even though I'm not someone who is always taking selfies, I've still found The Selfie Bag* useful as I've actually been using some of the gadgets inside the bag for my blog/insta photos. So what exactly do you get inside the bag and is it worth the £27.95 (inc P&P) price tag?

First of all, before I even start talking about the gadgets, let's take a moment to talk about the bag itself. I love the design, it's very quirky and eye-catching and I love that it has a zip for extra security because you very rarely find a tote bag that comes with a zip. It also has two pockets inside which is super handy because I hate when things fall to the bottom of your bag and you have to rummage around looking for them. It also feels really study and would definitely carry essential shopping if you wanted to use it for that.

You get three gadgets inside the bag which are:

 The Bluetooth tripod selfie stick which is super handy for a group photo or an outfit shot, it even has a detachable remote control which I thought was really handy.

A pop-up reflector which helps you to get the perfect lighting which comes in its own little zip-up bag which can be attached to the inside of the tote bag. It comes with a reflector side and diffuser side and I've found it to be useful when taking blog photos too.

And a LED ring light which attaches to the top of your phone and has three different light settings so you can get the perfectly lit shot. I also find that selfie lights give you a filter-like effect and make your eyes "pop" too.

It also comes with a little guide all about taking selfies and some top tips which I thought was interesting and useful. 

I think it's a great little bag of goodies whether you plan to use it for selfies or a cheaper way to buy some gadgets for your blog/insta photos. You can buy yourself or someone else The Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co. website here.

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