New From Dermalogica! ClearStart FlashFoliant Clearing Brightening Foam

FlashFoliant Review
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Dermalogica recently released an exciting new product for dull, spot-prone skin. The ClearStart FlashFoliant Clearing Brightening Foam RRP £19* is a leave-on, foaming chemical exfoliant which helps to clear and prevent breakouts whilst brightening your skin and they kindly sent me over the new product in a super cute Skinfluencer PR parcel along with some other ClearStart products to add to my skincare stash. I'm a big fan of chemical exfoliators and I'm not going to lie, I own way too many for my one face but I do like to switch them up quite often as I feel like my skin doesn't like it when I just stick to the one exfoliator, it's almost as if my skin is like okay, I'm bored now. Let's move onto something else and come back to this another time. Anyone else's skin do the same or is mine just super annoying?

FlashFoliant's main active ingredients are - Salicylic Acid which helps to stimulate natural exfoliation and minimizes breakouts, Grape Extract which exfoliates and helps to even skin tone and Tangerine Peel Extract which brightens up dull skin.

I'll be honest, I was a little worried that the FlashFoliant would leave a sticky residue with it being a foaming product and/or leave my skin feeling stripped or dry, however I haven't experienced anything like that which is great! Once you apply it to your skin, it turns into a water-like consistency and leaves your skin looking wet which again, I wasn't expecting at all, but it's been really refreshing to use during the heatwave we've been having and it sinks into your skin quickly too. 

I haven't seen massive improvements in terms of the brightness of my skin but it's definitely been helping to even out my skin tone, clear up any active spots and it evens works well on under the skin spots somehow. If I don't use it for a few days, my skin will begin to break out like usual so it is a product I feel you have to keep on top of. I was also expecting the orange scent to be stronger with it containing Tangerine Peel Extract but I guess not everyone likes super strong scents and vice versa.

Overall, I do really like this and I will 100% be picking up another bottle as soon as I run out. It's affordable and can be used alongside other products in the ClearStart range and it's a similar price to other chemical exfoliators such as the Pixi Glow Tonic which I do really like but I'm not a big fan of the smell, I always say it smells kind of like old granny's perfume haha. The FlashFoliant Clearing Brightening Foam is also easy to use and not messy at all and it helps to settle or get rid of any spots, including the hormonal under the skin mountain spots I've been dealing with lately thanks to my hormones going haywire (more on that in this blog post). So I would recommend giving this a try if you're in the market for a new chemical exfoliator under £20!

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  1. Actually have not tried anything from this brand

  2. My skin is more dry and sensitive rather than spot prone, but this sounds great. I like that it doesn't leave the skin feeling dry. Great review xx

    Hannah |

  3. Ooh I really like the sound of this! I'm still yet to try anything from Dermalogica but I always hear great things about all of their products! xx

    Tiffany x