A Colour-Safe Anti-Dandruff Shampoo And Conditioner?! | Umberto Giannini Scalp Restore Range

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In today's post, I'm reviewing the Scalp Restore range from Umberto Giannini which is aimed at people who suffer from dry itchy scalps and/or dandruff. The range is colour-safe and also cruelty-free and vegan like all of their other products. Umberto Giannini are a haircare brand I'm already familiar with as I've been using some of their products for literally years now. Their "Milk" Frizz Control Miracle Styling Milk and their 60 Second Smooth Pre-Shampoo Treatment are some of my all-time fave hair care products.

My hair is quite weird because my roots get greasy pretty quickly (which I think is partly down to the contraceptive pill I'm on as I did notice a change in my hair when I switched) but then my hairline gets dandruff pretty often and I definitely don't use too much product on my roots and then the rest of my hair is quite dry. I also find that hair dye doesn't stick to my roots very well at the best of times, so obviously when I use anti-dandruff shampoo, the dye comes out pretty easily which is annoying, especially if I've recently dyed it. So when I saw that the new Scalp Restore claimed to be colour-safe I was definitely interested in giving it a try to see if it actually works. 

The range consists of a Scalp Scrub Exfoliating Anti-Dandruff Treatment RRP £9.25*, Scalp Reviving Anti-Dandruff Shampoo RRP £8.25* and the Scalp Reviving Anti-Dandruff Conditioner RRP £8.25* and the whole range smells like pineapples which I'm definitely not complaining about because some anti-dandruff shampoos smell medicated and gross.  

The Scalp Scrub* is a pre-shampoo treatment which should be massaged into the scalp and left for 5-10 minutes before rinsing and continuing with your shampoo and conditioner. It's described as being packed with natural exfoliants from superfruit enzymes and micro grains of natural walnut shells. It removes bacteria and excess oil, increases cell renewal, decreases oil output at the surface, destroys fungus infection responsible for dandruff which also prevents new dandruff and aims to leave your hair shiny, smooth and moisturised. 

The Scalp Reviving Shampoo* and Scalp Reviving Conditioner* both contain the same super fruit enzymes as the Scalp Scrub and aim to remove build-up and soothe and balance dry, flaky itchy scalps. The shampoo lathers up really well, particularly if you shampoo twice like I have started doing again recently. It doesn't leave your hair feeling super stripped or dry prior to conditioning either. If I have already used the pre-shampoo treatment, then I will only shampoo once, however, if I've skipped the pre-shampoo treatment then I will most likely shampoo twice (depending on if I can be bothered or not lol). 

The conditioner is what I would call the perfect kind of consistency, it's not too runny and doesn't run out of the tube as soon as you open it but it's not super thick either. I apply the majority to my mid-lengths and ends and then any remaining conditioner on my hands, I'll apply to my scalp area. 

Overall I would say the Shampoo and Conditioner are the stand out products for me. They work well together and I can confirm that the range is colour-safe which is great! The Scalp Scrub is okay and I do think it helps to remove the build-up of any sort of dandruff or dry shampoo easier but I don't see a massive difference when I use the Scalp Scrub first or if I just use the Shampoo and Conditioner on their own. But remember I do only suffer with dandruff on my hairline so if you do suffer from dandruff all over your scalp then you might find the Scalp Scrub works better for you and really helps to soothe the area even more than the Shampoo and Conditioner do. My hair also looks shinier when I've used the products too which is an added bonus.

If you're interested in trying out the range for yourself or any of their other products you can pick them up from their website, Boots and Amazon.

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  1. I suffer with a very dry scalp so this sounds brilliant!

    Lucy | Forever September