How I Change Up My Self-Care Routine In Autumn *

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Self-care is something we should all be practising regularly because it makes such a difference to our wellbeing when we take time out to reset. I think everyone has got their own idea of self-care but in today's post, I'm talking about my favourite ways to practise self-care and what I do to change my usual self-care routine for the Autumn.

I hate that in the Summer, I can't really have a long bath because it's too hot and I end up just getting really dizzy so when Autumn comes around, you can't get me out of the bath basically. I tend to treat myself to some bath bombs, soaks and bath salts and take full advantage of being able to stay in the bath for longer than 20 minutes without feeling like I'm going to pass out. I've been really enjoying Imperial Leather's Moonlit Skies Bath Soak, The Sleep Aromatherapy Bath Salts from Radox as well as my fave Twilight bath bomb from LUSH. Adding to that I like to take some time to out to just have a pamper and pop a hair mask on whilst I'm in the bath and do a full-on skincare routine during and after my bath too. 

Buying a Nintendo Switch was definitely one of my better choices this year, especially during the lockdown, I also find that playing games really helps to distract my mind when my chronic pain is flaring up bad and I love how easy it is to customize your Switch and buy accessories too. If you're looking for cute Nintendo switch accessories to pick up then Amiibo Coins have got you covered. They sell cases, Switch Lite skins, Joycon Covers, Amiibos and more. My favourite games are definitely Animal Crossing which I actually didn't think I would like but it's now my most played game on the Switch by far, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Rollercoaster Tycoon Adventures, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and L.A Noire which is kind of like GTA but set in the 1940s.

Although I love Autumn, I do find that the change in the season and the fact that we have shorter days and longer nights really affects my mood levels. So I decided to buy a SAD Lamp this year to see if it helps at all. I don't use it every single day but I tried to use it every other day for around 30 minutes. It's really easy to use and there are different light settings as well which I find is useful because some of them literally hurt my eyes!

I find that decluttering really helps to clear my mind, so I like to go through my wardrobe often and get rid of things that I'm just not wearing for whatever reason or don't think I'm going to wear again. The same applies to my beauty drawers as well. I then like to separate everything up into piles for family/friends, charity and Depop.

I really find that eating a healthy meal really helps to boost my mood a lot of the time. That doesn't mean that I restrict myself from eating some I fancy as well like chocolate or some ice cream etc. But I do try to eat more vegetables or fruit if I'm feeling particularly low or struggling with motivation. 

How do you practise self-care and do you change things up for the Autumn/Winter seasons?

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  1. With going into a second lockdown (I'm in Manchester in tier 3), I'm going to definitely invest more into self-care. I found the first lockdown quite hard so I'm definitely going to take what I learnt from that to help me get through the next few months.
    Chloe X

  2. I definitely need to start having more baths now it's colder - so many bathbombs to use! x