5 Reasons To Travel Abroad For Cosmetic Treatments *

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Medical tourism is growing in popularity, and one of the most common types of treatment people choose to get abroad are cosmetic treatments. There are many reasons for this. One is how much progress has been made in the quality of care around the world. Healthcare in emerging markets is not only catching up with the west, but some are surpassing it. Many are developing their own expertise and becoming prime destinations for certain procedures. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why travelling abroad for cosmetic treatments could be a good solution for you.

The Expertise

Like we mentioned earlier, some countries are becoming well known for certain procedures because of their great expertise. Countries like Spain, for instance, are known for orthopaedic treatments. Then you have countries like Turkey that have a world-class healthcare system and cosmetic dentists.

There are clinics like Myradental that make the link between British residents and their Turkish clinic through their consultation offices in the UK. Myradental advise veneers in Turkey and will help patients get ready for the procedure and tell them what they can expect before they leave. Veneers Turkey professionals are some of the best in the world and their facilities are just as advanced as any you'd find back home, which makes them a natural choice for many UK citizens. 

The Costs

Another reason why travelling abroad for a cosmetic procedure is a good option for many people is the price. Depending on the destination, you could save as much as 70% on the costs of surgery. 

For instance, a facelift could set you back £5,000 in the UK, while the same procedure would cost you around £1,100 down in Brazil. Not only that, but some might find that staying on location for follow up work is more affordable thanks to the lower cost of living in many of these destinations. Which brings us to our next point.

The Destination

You also have people who’d like to get a tan while they’re recovering from their nose job or chin reconstruction. Having the chance to relax in some exotic locale or a picturesque country full of history can be a nice distraction after going under the knife. 

Greater Availability

There's also the issue of availability. Great cosmetic surgeons are often very busy in countries like the UK. But they might not be as much abroad, thanks to the forces of supply and demand. This is why a certain procedure could take weeks to get at home but could be done almost instantly abroad.

The Service

Another thing that surprises many medical tourists is the high level of service they get in countries abroad. Some tasks that are taken care of by orderlies back home are often performed by registered nurses. Patients are escorted instead of being sent. Clinics also want to project a good image and reputation for their service, which pushes them to try harder than many clinics in the US or the UK.

These are just some of the reasons why travelling abroad for cosmetic treatments is such a great option. If you were thinking of doing so, make sure that you’re ready for everything medical tourism entails, and make sure that you properly vet the professional you’re going to work with.

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