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With COVID-19 showing no signs of vanishing any time soon, wearing masks while out and about is now the norm. It is mandatory on buses and in shops and indoor spaces in the UK. This preventative measure was introduced to try and combat the spread of the virus, following guidelines laid out by the World Health Organisation (WHO). 

While the measure is necessary, it does throw up some problems - some of which are serious, and others which are slightly shallower like: ‘what on earth do those of us who wear makeup do?’ Ok, so in the grand scheme of things, it really is a bit of a first-world problem, but for some of us, makeup is an important part of our lives - self-care, boosting our confidence and that kind of thing. Normal makeup wearing and skincare and masks do not go well together, so here, we are going to look at how you can still wear makeup while masking up.

Powder puffs Many people are reporting that they are suffering from ‘maskne’ - acne caused by spots. The skin around our noses, chin and cheeks - the areas that mask typically covers - are delicate. Opting for a good quality, cotton face mask and washing it properly after every use will help, as will using a decent, rich moisturiser to lock in moisture. However, a mask can make you sweat, so locking it in with a decent translucent powder can stop your makeup - and face feeling slimy. Prime time

Priming your skin should be a part of your makeup routine anyway, especially if you are looking for staying power, but even more so when wearing a mask. It will make your cosmetics sit cleanly and stay put, not end up smudged on the inside of your mask. Once you have primed your skin, apply a light mineral foundation and blending it thoroughly. Avoid anything too heavy - you don’t want your skin to feel even more clogged up than it is already. 

Get lippy If you are not intending on taking your mask off, then you can probably skip this step, but it is possible to wear lipstick and a mask at the same time, without it ending up all over your face and mask. First of all, step away from the glosses and the shines, and go with something a little more mattifying. If you don’t own a matt lipstick, apply a layer of lip pencil under your lipstick to take away the shine and give it a base to stick to. Once you have applied your lipstick, use a clean tissue to blot away any excess product.

Eye it up Wearing a mask gives you the opportunity to really have fun with your eye makeup. If you normally opt for a subtle, natural look, this is the time to try something new - how about dramatic winged eyeliner or bright jewel shadows to make them really pop? Add a pair of fluttery fake eyelashes and your look is complete!

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  1. Great tips!. Since wearing masks at work I’ve been so light on my makeup, I’ve gone from doing a full face everyday to pretty much just doing my eyebrows and mascara but my skin is thanking me for it in the long run and it saves me so much time when getting ready so a win win.
    Charlie |