Three Things On Our 2021 Home Improvements To-Do List *

-This post is in collaboration with Flooring365-

I thought in today's post I'd talk about some things we want to change up in our house next year and why. There are few things we wanted to get done in our house this year however we've had to put them on hold for now, for various different reasons, but I guess it means it's something to look forward to having done next year and I think we all need something to look forward to right now, right? I love changing things up in the house and the things on my list are pretty big changes too, which makes it even more exciting.

 So we really wanted to revamp our kitchen this year and get some new worktops, a new sink (preferably one that isn't super noisy, like the one we have now!), new flooring, tiles and also a new cooker. There's nothing particularly wrong with our kitchen but we just think it looks a little tired and needs refreshing. However, we've not been able to get hold of a couple of the things we had our eyes on because of stock issues (I'm guessing because of COVID-19) and we don't really want to opt for the next best thing so we've decided to just leave it for now and maybe just paint the room a different colour for now, although we can't agree on what colour to go for at the moment.

We've also been looking at getting new flooring in the living room and our hallway just because the laminated flooring we currently have down has been down for a while and we just fancy a change. So we've been looking at engineered wood flooring because it's made from real wood which means it'll last longer and it's also moisture-resistant and has the quality finish and design of solid wood flooring. I think we're probably going to go for a medium-warm oak colour which I think will make the living room feel super cosy. You can also get free samples from Flooring365 which is super useful and makes it easier to choose which finish and design suit your home the most.

Lastly is getting a conservatory which is something I've wanted for ages because I'd probably use it as a little office or just somewhere different to sit in the house. We don't want a huge conservatory which takes over the back of the house but we want one that has enough space for somewhere to sit and maybe a mini desk area, even though let's face it, it'll probably just be taken over by the cats. 

Are you planning on doing any home improvements in the future?

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