AD | Giving My Gallery Wall A Refresh With Desenio *

-This post is in collaboration with Desenio-

I thought it was about time that I give my bedroom gallery wall a little refresh as I haven't changed it up for a while and I've got quite a lot of spare prints to choose from which are all from Desenio. This time around, I wanted to put up a few positive, uplifting quotes because we all need some positivity in our lives right now as well as some arty looking prints just to break it up a little and I'm really happy with how it's turned out.

I haven't changed every single print up on my wall this time around because I thought that some of the prints that I already had up would look nice alongside the new prints I've chosen to put up, so I've just changed the whereabouts of a couple of the prints instead where possible.

As I've already mentioned all of the prints on my gallery wall are from Desenio (some are gifted from previous collaborations and some I've bought myself). I honestly love my gallery wall even though I was quite anxious about putting it up at first, I think it's because I was putting it on the brick wallpaper, but I just feel like it adds so much personality and colour to my bedroom and I think it's a nice focal point too. The reason why I choose Desenio for my prints is that there are so many prints to choose from on their website, there's literally something for everyone, no matter what look you're going for and where you're planning on putting them. There's also a good selection of picture frame sizes and colours to choose from and you can also buy picture ledges, clips, picture mounts and poster hangers depending on your preference. I also like that the picture frames are really lightweight which makes them easier to put up and take down when you're changing things up a little. 

The website is super easy to use as well and there's a really useful gallery wall tool available which helps give you an idea of which prints look right together and which prints don't. You can select a background, wall colour and the picture wall layout and it's just really handy, especially if you're new to creating gallery walls.

The new prints I've decided to put up are the Be Kind print because I just think it's nice and I love the pastel pink background colour and the fade-out effect of the words. I'm also planning on buying a new table lamp for my room and there's a particular one which I really want but it always seems to be out of stock and it has blush pink and copper elements so I thought if I incorporate some pinks in my gallery wall, it'll help blend everything together nicely when I finally get my hands on the table lamp.

The Breathe print is simple but cute and I almost use it as a cue to just take a deep breath and loosen up a little which I know it sounds silly but I feel like I'm constantly stressed at the moment and I really need to remember to just take time out to just relax my mind.

The Change Your Thoughts print is one of my all-time fave prints from Desenio. I really do believe that a lot of the time a positive mindset works wonders.

The last print that is new to my gallery wall is the Lipstick print which again is simple but cute. I'm obviously a big fan of all things beauty so I just had to pick up the Lipstick print when I saw it, didn't I?

I decided to leave the 80's Poster, Geometric Heart, Eyes on You, Meet Me in New York and Moon Phase prints up but I switched a few of them around just to change it up slightly. I was also thinking about changing all of the frames to black frames but I decided against it for now because I like how the copper frames make the gallery wall kind of "pop".

Are you a fan of gallery walls or are you planning on creating one in your home?

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  1. I love it when a gallery wall has a real mix of fonts, colours and styles, I think it shows a bit more personality. Love that you've used different frames too!

    Stef |