How To Prepare For a Great British Road Trip *

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Many people consider the UK environment as a road trip utopia. Driving down the countryside reveals a long stretch of quaint homes dotted along the roads with meadows on one side. You will discover scenic vistas, winding rivers, castles, and untainted history waiting to be explored. Perhaps, that explains why 77% of Brits prefer taking scenic routes on road trips. But how do you prepare for a UK road trip? What's different about it?

  1. Choose your car wisely

Travelling down a long expanse of the road requires planning for the most suitable vehicle. Safety features should be your prime concern in a road trip vehicle. A car with dual front airbags and side-impact airbags in the back seat should feature in your selection. Moreover, a vehicle with heavily built (and thick) doors can minimise the extent of impact injuries should an accident occur. More so, you must ensure that car is properly serviced before you set off. 

Another feature you should look at is fuel efficiency. Travelling with a car that is huge on fuel economy is a plus for road trips. Moreover, a vehicle can have excellent efficiency but is still categorised as an underpowered automobile. For purposes of a road trip, that is not an option. Therefore, finding a fair balance between fuel consumption and performance can contribute to an enjoyable road trip.

Furthermore, it helps to go generous on interior space. Because you and others will be spending more time on the road, a vehicle that allows leg and headroom must be on your list. Most importantly, boot space is a necessity since that compartment will carry your luggage and other essentials. All these features are what you will find in car models such as the Vauxhall Crossland X. Designed to suit the UK terrain, the Crossland X will offer you safety, convenience, and economical use of fuel on any road trip.

  1. Be conscious of narrow roads 

If you're a foreigner and not already familiar with UK roads, then you should know it now. UK roads are narrow! If you're not conversant with the nature of these roads, you will likely veer into the oncoming lane to bypass parked vehicles. Especially in Scotland, one-lane roads are constructed to allow traffic from two different directions, known as single-track roads. The trick is to remain as much as possible in your lane while looking out for other road users who may accidentally drive into your track.

For your safety, you can gently pull over into 'passing places' for incoming cars to get out of your way. If you ever doubt your right of way on UK roads, it helps to know that vehicles going uphill have access first. Also, knowing the rules of the road can contribute to an enjoyable road trip. Plan the route you intend to take and, if possible, avoid those that come with surcharges.

  1. Utilise your phone's GPS

Instead of using your car's GPS, opt for the one on your phone instead. Especially if you are driving a rented vehicle, this is an excellent way to avoid extra charges. Supposing you have no cellular data, it will be useful to use Google Map pre-download before embarking on the trip. Ensure that the vehicle you're using is equipped with a USB charging port. This makes it convenient to maintain a steady phone battery power while using GPS.

Many things should go into your road trip planning. It is beneficial to plan for any eventuality to avoid any mishap. When you're finally set to go, your road trip's purpose should become the priority; not a problem that pops up because you failed to plan.