What I've Been Watching Lately

Happy New Year! I’m not going to lie I was actually planning on writing and posting a few more blog posts before the end of 2020 but unfortunately, I was unwell over Christmas (not the C-word, don’t worry!). So I’m a little bit behind on my planned blog posts and insta posts but I’m sure I’ll catch up fairly quickly.
 I think my mental health wobble towards the end of November to the middle of December just caught up on me and took its toll on my body so I just felt really run down all over Christmas and my tongue decided to grow a huge canker sore on the same side of my impacted wisdom tooth so I was struggling to eat and drink anything and was literally having to force myself to eat which was a bit shit I’m not going to lie lol. But I am quite prone to canker sores when I’m feeling really run down and/or if my hormones are playing up so I’m kind of used to them and I know it’s just a matter of taking painkillers and waiting for them to settle and go away. I’m feeling better than I was and on the plus side, we still have a lot of Christmas food and drinks in so we’re going to be having a few Christmassy buffets this month to ease us into the new year instead haha. 

Anyway, I thought I’d kick start the new year with a blog post all about things I’ve been watching lately. Some of the things I watched a few months ago now and others are more recent. I know I normally write about what I’ve been reading, watching and listening to lately but I haven’t read anything new since my last WIBRWLT blog post and I’ve not actually been listening to music a lot lately either. Anyway, I’ll stop babbling on and finally get onto the topic of this post...

First up is Emily in Paris which I wasn't sure whether I'd like or not because I'd seen mixed reviews. However, I really enjoyed it and I watched the whole season really quickly and I'm already looking forward to season 2 dropping on Netlflix hopefully later this year. It follows Emily as she suddenly leaves Chicago and moves to Paris for her career to provide an American point of view at a French marketing firm when her boss can no longer go to Paris herself. Emily can't speak French herself which already puts her at a disadvantage and the show follows her trying to balance her job, her new online presence as "Emily in Paris" as well as new friendships and her love life. It really does make you want to just pack up your bags and move to Paris (most of the time anyway).  

I obviously watched all of my go-to Christmas films in the run-up to Christmas such as The Polar Express, The Santa Clause films, Deck The Halls etc but I also watched a few newer Christmas films including Last Christmas and Holidate. 

Last Christmas follows Kate who works in a year-round Christmas store as an elf when really she wants to be a singer but she hasn't managed to get anywhere with her singing after having a tough few years. Everything changes when she meets Tom whilst at work who has more of a positive outlook on life and she soon forms a friendship with him and he inspires her to try and get her life back on the right track. It's a really nice, heartwarming Christmas film that's just a little bit different to the rest. 

Another new Christmas film that was released on Netflix was Holidate which is kind of a Christmas film but also not really a Christmas film at the same time but either way, I really enjoyed it. It's definitely more of a comedy than anything else in my opinion. It's about Sloane who hates the holidays because her family are always going on about how she's not in a relationship and are constantly trying to set her up with people they know. When her aunt talks about how she has a holidate for each holiday it gives Sloane the idea that she needs a holidate for the holidays so her family aren't constantly on her case. Days later she meets noncommital Jackson whilst they're both returning unwanted Christmas presents at the same store and she talks about her aunt's holidate plan for the holidays and Jackson suggests that they should be each holidates so her family aren't pestering her and he doesn't end up with attachment girls. It's a really good film and definitely one I'll be rewatching again soon.

I also watched Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 as soon as it dropped on Netflix and although it was interesting, it didn't grip me as much as Volume 1. I'd still recommend it if you're into crime/mystery documentaries though.

The last TV show I watched was Bridgerton which released on Christmas Day which everyone seems to be talking about right now. It's basically Gossip Girl set in London during the 19th century with the anonymous Lady Whistledown writing about the families of Bridgerton in a scandalous society newsletter. It follows the families of Bridgerton as the debutantes of the families are presented at court as they come of age and are looking to marry. There are also other things going on in the background with other family members as well throughout which keep you guessing what's going to happen next and the soundtrack is really good!

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