How to Be More Efficient in the Office *

-This post is in collaboration-

Many of us are now about to return to our offices for the first time in a long while. It probably means that you’re now starting to think about how you can re-adapt, and a lot of those thoughts probably come down to how you can still be efficient in your office space. That is why I have teamed with a  London office printers to give some tips on how you can keep efficient when back working in the office. 

Refine Your Schedule 

Start from the top and work your way down to improve your efficiency, and that means take a look at your schedule. You may have to work to a certain schedule anyway, but you can make your schedule work best to your strengths by prioritising your tasks and working out a workflow that allows you to excel. There are many apps out there that can help with your schedule, so read up on what is out there and try and see what may be the best service for your needs. 

Streamline Your Space 

How your workplace is organised can have a great effect on how well you work. If there is too much clutter, it may prove distracting. Make sure you know where everything is in your space so that you can access your tools easily and no time is wasted looking for them. A tidy space is also a much more inviting and comfortable place to spend your time, which in turn will help you work more efficiently. 

Sort Out Your Emails 

There’s nothing more distracting than gazing down at your inbox and seeing countless unread emails. Sort out your inbox early, and get your emails to a place where it is easy to tell when something important has come in, and always be quick to delete anything that just doesn’t need to be there. Honestly. This will be a much bigger weight off your shoulders than you think.