How to Find Juice Bars in Santa Monica *

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You may have moved recently to Santa Monica and you want to find where there are juice bars. They have a lot of healthy choices compared to other options. But where are they and how can you do it before just typing “juice bar santa monica” into your phone? 

Here are some things to consider: 

Asking Your Friends or Family

Yes, these people probably know your smoothie-drinking habits and they may even share it with you. If they have lived in the area longer than you, they might have located one themselves. These people can be a great source of information. 

Of course, while they may drink smoothies, they might not like them made the same way that you do. It always helps to go check them out yourself. 

Ask Around at Your Job

OK, your friends and family members all prefer to drink anything but smoothies. All is not lost. Perhaps you have a health-loving coworker that you could hit up for possible suggestions. They may have a place that they adore that also gives them the convenience of not having to make them at home. 

Drive Around Your Neighborhood

Sometimes it takes some work on your part to find a juice bar in the Santa Monica area. You can play tourist and drive around to see what is out there. You might spot a juice bar that catches your eye - just keep parking in mind. 

It’s always great to find a local place - that way you can make it a habit to go there on your way to or from work each day. You can find a lot of other things by exploring the area. But finding a good juice bar near your home would make you happy.

Look Online

The other options didn’t pan out for you. Now you can use technology to your advantage. Just search via a web search or an app. Then you can find juice bars close to you.

Another advantage here is that you can often order online or on an app to either pick up your smoothie or have it delivered. All this with just a few taps on a screen…

Hopefully one of these will be what you need to find a place that makes smoothies that you love or has other food options. Then you can enjoy your delicious beverages day in and day out.

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