The Importance of Using Child-Safe Blinds *

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If you’re looking to freshen up the blinds in your home and you have children to consider, it’s important to bear in mind the safety features that come with your next upgrades. That’s because blind cords and chains pose a risk to inquisitive children due to the potential for strangulation - so it’s key to look out for clever child safety devices when shopping for new window dressings. 

To know what to look for when purchasing child-safe blinds, and for some general tips, read our guide below.

Blind safety tips for parents

  1. Position your child’s bed away from the window 

  2. Consider cordless blinds around your home

  3. Trim long cords 

  4. Opt for blinds with child safety devices

  5. Use breakaway connectors

  6. Tie up cords

Types of child safety devices
You can pick up safety accessories for new and current blinds to keep cords neatly tied away. Here are some of the safety devices you can get hold of:

  • Breakaway connectors - these can be added to a blinds’ chain or cord. This child safety device breaks under pressure and can be reconnected by clicking it back into place, so it doesn’t have to be replaced should the breakaway connector serve its function.

  • Blind cleat - this type of blinds safety device allows you to tie back long cords. The blind cleat is screwed into the wall at a height so that the cord can be wrapped around it in a figure of eight to keep the cords away from curious kids.

  • Cord stops - Venetian blinds tend to come with cord stops. This device is similar to a breakaway connector but instead of a loop disconnecting into two chains, this stops the cord from being pulled through the headrail when too much pressure is applied.

  • Tensioners - similar to a cleat, a chain tensioner is also attached to the wall beside the blind. A tensioner keeps the chain taut, which ensures it stays out of reach of children.

  • Wands - vertical plastic wands can be attached to blinds to eliminate the strangulation risks that come with the cord or chain. 


What to do with your current blinds

Whilst you wait for your new blinds to arrive, there are some simple things you can do to reduce risks which includes:

  • Securing a cleat hook to the wall to tidy away any chains or cords so they’re out of reach of children.

  • Moving your child’s bed or baby’s cot away from the window, so they can’t reach the cord or feel tempted to play with them.

  • Keeping furniture such as sofas, tables and cabinets away from your windows, as young children love to climb.

Be conscious of blinds’ cords when you visit places too. It might be that you’re on holiday and the hotel has looped cords or chains, or a family friend has floor-to-ceiling Venetian blinds with low-hanging cords, so keep an eye out when you visit places. You can also use an elastic band or hair bobble to bundle the chain or cord together for the time being. 

British Blind and Shutter Association

In 2014, new guidelines came into effect to improve product standards and safety requirements, so keep an eye out for the ‘make it safe’ logo from the British Blind and Shutter Association or for safety accessories and built-in child-safe functionalities to maintain a safe and happy home. 

Where to find child-safe blinds

To find child-safe blinds with a range of functionalities and breakaway connections, visit Swift Direct Blinds. Here you can find a wide range of wooden blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, pleated blinds, panel blinds and more! 

Established in 1960, Swift Direct Blinds has over 50 years of experience manufacturing and supplying quality blinds in a variety of colours, fabrics and materials. 

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