Can Quick Step Vinyl Flooring Provide Satisfaction? *

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When we shop for vinyl flooring, we want satisfaction above anything else. Every brand out there proposes that theirs is miles ahead of the others, so which do we take as gospel? With advances in technologies to further perfect flooring options, Quickstep luxury vinyl has taken a strong position as the highest recommended flooring by interior design experts and industry journalists alike.

If Vinyl flooring throughout your home is among your top choices for interior design, you look first to the market leader to give a view as to why it is such a good item to have. Here are some of the high points people love about Quick-Step.

Fit for Purpose

Quick-Step luxury vinyl flooring offers perfect fitting to any room, be it the lounge to the bedroom, especially the kitchen and areas where high water risk is in effect.

Giving designer tones to the room in question whilst not compromising on quality, vinyl flooring offers the option of having the individual planks or tiles cut to fit for any size room, even if the plan is to lay over existing boards. There is also no requirement in removing skirting boards and preventing a domino effect in the removal of pieces.

It takes only a few hours and you can have the floor design perfectly laid and looking just like real hardwood or stone.


Maintaining the health and look of luxury vinyl flooring is the easiest of weekly tasks, giving you plenty of time back as it relatively takes no time out of your day.

Any spills can be cleaned instantly with as little as a cloth or wipe, whilst simple brushing can eliminate dust. You are not required to invest in major cleaning products as a sponge and water mixed with vinegar can keep your floor healthy and your bank account in line.

The cushioned design prevents any imprints by heavy furniture as long as they are fitted with felt padding, helping to prevent any scratches or scuffs. Although vinyl has tough anti-scratch layers at work, they can still be victim to sharp furniture legs if not adequately protected.

The Best Choice

When looking into the best possible vinyl flooring designs on the market, Quickstep luxury vinyl brings the highest professional quality to all of its ranges, from authentic real hardwood styles to rich stone and other variants, Quickstep certainly provides a spring within it. When you look for outstanding quality in a flooring choice, Quick-Step luxury vinyl is the preferred luxury vinyl flooring for excellence.

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